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Interview Policy 2007-2008_Europe


Interview Policy

Able to request interview?



Short-listed applicants may be invited to an interview to meet faculty and to see the facilities at London Business School. The programme is able to meet travel expenses for this. For candidates unable to travel to London arrangements can be made to conduct interviews by telephone. It is not possible to arrange meetings with members of faculty before interview. Applicants are unlikely to be short listed for interview if they score less than 650 in the GMAT.


LBS is tough! Usually only 1 to 2 interviews are issued per round--there are 4 rounds in a year. Admits about 50%.  Interviews are long. There are 2 parts, including a small case.


Applicants will be informed whether applicants have been selected for interview on or before the Interview Decision deadline. Interviews are conducted in person by INSEAD alumni, normally in your country of residence.  In most cases, two separate interviews are conducted.


Most will get interviews. Alumni interview is critical to admission as the school relies heavily on alumni assessment. Making a bad impression, saying the wrong stuff and drawing a tough interviewer will result in an automatic ding.


Applications are short-listed by the MBA Committee and these candidates are then invited for interview. If you are selected for interview, you will be invited to attend an Open Day at the School and have your interview here. If it is not possible for you to come to Oxford, we will arrange a telephone interview at a mutually convenient time. Sometimes interviews can be arranged at Information Events overseas. 


Oxford issues interviews by invitation, but the interviews are random. Sometimes, you will draw a professor as an interviewer and the professor will actually challenge you on business issues. Hard to prepare, pray for a good draw.


Short listed applicants will be invited to interview in Cambridge, and are expected to attend at their own expense. We do carry out a limited number of interviews in countries where it is difficult for candidates to obtain visas at short notice. However, we strongly prefer candidates to meet faculty, speak to current students and tour the School before taking up the offer of a place, so will always give preference to candidates who have attended interview in Cambridge.


Cambridge selectively issues invitation. Must show enthusiasm/commitment for the program by flying to Cambridge or a regional interview location, such as Hong Kong.


IESE  encourage applicants to arrange a consultation  with an Admissions Director in order to answer specific questions about your candidature and the MBA program. Although these meetings do not take the place of a formal Admissions interview they provide you with specific feedback and insight into the MBA. Depending on your location the consultation will take place either in person , by videoconference  or by telephone.


Getting tougher and tougher. Interview is important. IESE will evaluate your entire presence as the interview is conducted by video conference.


candidates with strong credentials will be invited for an admissions interview, conducted by an alumnus, staff member or faculty member, on location if possible, for further evaluation. Motivation, communication and interpersonal skills are assessed during the interview. 


You will have two separate one-on-one interviews with French Embassy representatives, MBA alumni, HEC professors or other representatives of the HEC network. It is your responsibility to contact the interviewers provided by the Admissions Office in order to arrange your interview by the stated deadline.
The interview starts with a 10-minute presentation made by the candidate on the subject of his/her choice. The main objective of this presentation is to judge the candidate's communication and presentation skills, the capability to synthesize a subject in 10 minutes while keeping the interest of the audience. The candidate may use any presentation method he or she wishes, such as transparencies, notes, slides, etc.
The presentation is then followed by 30 to 40 minutes of questions and answers, first on the presentation, then on the candidate's motivation and other elements mentioned in his/her application.
Thus, the candidate will make the same presentation twice. Questions, however, may vary from one interviewer to the next since there are no pre-defined rules or questions to be asked. In some way, one can say, that the interview defines its own direction based on the candidate's answers and reactions to various questions of the different interviewers.


Once the application form has been assessed, candidates may be called to interview, which may be done, on campus, at an admissions event, or by phone should you be unable to see us in person. It is recommended the interview be conducted in person as it is an integral part of the admissions process.


the student visa process takes approximately two months. Once complete, your application will be evaluated by our Admissions Committee and you may be asked to attend an entrance interview.