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Santa Clara University


MBA (Fall) : June 1, MBA Executive Program: July 1, International Applicant: March 1
MBA (Winter): September 1
MBA (Spring): January 15


Essays A and B should be 500-700 words each, or 1-2 pages long.


1. First, describe the talents, personal qualities, and life experience that give you the potential to succeed as an executive

    with general management responsibilities. Next, discuss 2-3 weaknesses or shortcomings that potentially limit your

    success as an executive, and steps you have taken or intend to take to address these weaknesses.


2. Someone like you has many opportunities for further education in business. These include conventional full-time MBA

    programs for working professionals, specialized Master's programs, management development workshops, and so forth.

    In light of these alternatives, please explain:


  • Why you chose to apply to the executive MBA program at Santa Clara;
  • What you can bring to the executive MBA program that might enhance the educational experience of the other students?


3. Optional: The primary criterion for admission to the Executive MBA program is significant experience managing people,
    projects, or programs, accompanied by 10+ years of work experience, as reflected in your resume. The secondary
    criterion is academic aptitude as reflected in your GMAT score and prior academic work. Please use this optional third
    essay if you would like to clarify or explain any aspect of your record, in particular any apparent weaknesses with respect
    to these admission criteria.
Two letters of recommendation


Graduate Business Admissions
Lucas Hall, #116
Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95053-0410


Telephone: (408) 554-4539
Web site:

Electronic application: https://www.scu.edu/apply/business/handler.cfm?event=home