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此外,在香港中文大學MBA 課程中,有80%的學生來自香港以外的18個國家與地區,學員構成非常國際化




有別於歐美大學單方面強調歐美市場的傾向,香港中文大學MBA課程設計著重討論亞洲局勢。除此之外,與四大國際名校,包括MITHEC ParisUT AustinRSM,合作提供雙學位課程,讓學生立足亞洲的同時,仍可獲得豐富的國際經驗,學生並可參加每年學校舉辦的海外教學,赴中國大陸,歐洲與美國造訪當地的企業

硬體設施先進 率先打造全新模擬交易中心

校內新落成的模擬交易中心 (“Trading Lab”),與BloombergReuters資料庫同步連結,讓學生可以親身體驗證券交易過程,此為全球商學院首創

屆時將會由CUHK MBA 招生代表 Lawrence Chan來為各位詳盡的介紹課程內容,

並分析CUHK MBA光環所能帶給你未來工作及個人上的優勢。

想進一步了解香港中文大學MBA的你,千萬不要錯過 !

來台招生說明會! (需事先報名!)

時間:201282 () 晚上,七點準時入場
地點:台北101 國際會議中心(台北市110信義路5736F)

報名網站: http://tinyurl.com/CUHK080212

What do our graduates say?

"CUHK MBA is a program that taught me both soft and hard skills. The 12~16 month program is flexible and intensive. I especially enjoy the Elite Mentorship Program in which my mentor shared with me her study, career and life experiences. Furthermore, I appreciate the opportunities in working with companies for fund raising and business practicum projects. Best of all, CUHK MBA Career Management Centre is very resourceful that I secured an internship opportunity at a major property company in Hong Kong through their tremendous support.”

- Mr. Andy HUANG (Class of 2012), currently works in Shanghai



“I really appreciate the MBA program provided by The Chinese University of Hong Kong. It equipped me with cutting edge knowledge, international exposure and exceptional experience to closely collaborate with topnotch company. It also provided ample opportunities for me to learn outside of HK. Currently, I am working in Shanghai for a summer internship job and will go to Duke University for exchange in this fall. Want to have same experience as me? Go online and apply now!”

- Ms. Annie HUNG (Class of 2013), currently works in Shanghai for summer internship



Back to campus is definitely one of the best decisions in my life. Without any business background, choosing MBA in CUHK, staying closely in the heart of Asia and looking at the whole world does broaden my horizons! Surrounded by global elite classmates and exchange students from other top business schools, we know that we all have the same passion to the most important market in the world. Although MBA life is busy and challenging, I always remember and miss those good old days!”

- Ms. Yu-hui CHU (Class of 2009), currently works at Towers Watson as Consultant & Project Manager