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  • GMAC最新調查顯示, 近九成國際企業主對於MBA人才需求增加 GMAC(Graduate Management Admission Council)日前所提供一項針對全球51國、628家公司所作的調查顯示, 86%的企業對MBA以及其它商學碩士的需求增加, 且超過一半的企業主將提高起薪。即便英美等國的工作簽證與移民政策仍具不確定性, 然而這些數字仍較去年提高許多。單就台灣而言, 也有將近六成的企業傾向聘請有留學經驗者。 另一方面, 台灣家長對子女教育的花費占家庭收入比例, 連年高居亞太區前三名, 顯見儘管經濟不景氣,台灣父母依然全力栽培下一代。而台灣總留學人數去年更高達57000人, 原因不外乎希望經由留學, 增加語文能力與國際觀, 提高競爭力, 成為轉職、海外就業的跳板。留學著實有加分 ...
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  • 申請2017入學MBA截止日期 Upcoming MBA Application Deadlines 各大MBA申請的截止日都幫你一次整理好啦!! 準備好要出擊了嗎?  School Deadline School Deadline  UNC (Kenan-Flagler) December 2  Carnegie Mellon (Tepper) January 1  Michigan (Ross) January 1  Dartmouth (Tuck) January 4  Chicago (Booth) January 4 ...
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CUHK MSc in Management (MiM) & Business Master’s Programmes Individual Consultation in Taipei

CUHK Business Masters individual consultation in Taipei
Kick start your career with MSc in Management (MiM) / business master’s programmes! 讓中大商學院與你一起在職場中展翅高飛!

CUHK Business School offers a variety of master’s programmes to graduates who would like to enhance their knowledge and competitiveness in a dynamic global economy. We are committed to providing students with practical skills and knowledge in modern business strategies in order for them to stay on top of the ever-changing business environment. Our programmes welcome fresh or recent graduates from any discipline with limited business experience.
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香港中文大學 (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) 商學院提供多項商學相關碩士, 包括會計碩士 (MSc in Accountancy)、商學分析碩士 (MSc in Business Analytics)、 金融碩士 (MSc in Finance)、資訊科技管理碩士 (MSc in Information and Technology Management)、管理碩士 (MSc in Management, MiM)、不動產管理碩士 (MSc in Management of Real Estate & Hospitality Assets)、行銷碩士 (MSc in Marketing)等,課程設計著重提供學生符合現今商業策略的知識與實務技能,以期學生能在現在這個瞬息萬變的商業環境中,獨占鰲頭。也歡迎社會新鮮人或是就業年限較資淺的人士申請!

Time: November 30, 2019 (the exact time and location will be announced in the email after completing the online registration)

香港中文大學商學院 MBA示範課程: Recent Advances of Asian High-tech Sector 
Experience CUHK MBA Class in Taipei

CUHK MBA master class in Taipei 201911  
Fintech 風潮勢不可擋, 你跟上了嗎? 
香港中文大學 (The Chinese University of Hong KongMBA 將在台北舉辦示範課程 Master Class, 主題: Recent Advances of Asian High-tech Sector。特別請到重量級教授 Prof. Seen Meng Chew, 分享他對此的專業見解, 包括香港、中國、印度及東南亞等地的fintech成功案例, 以及對於未來的趨勢與走向等等。

Are you up to speed with the latest developments in Fintech? Nov. 30 at W Hotel Taipei, Join us at the Masterclass on the topic “Recent Advances of Asian High-tech Sector”, delivered by Prof. Seen Meng CHEW where he will share his insights on the mobile penetration rate and patent applications as well as a synopsis of some of the successful fintech firms in China, Hong Kong, India and Southeast Asia plus an overview on the outlook and opportunities this trend will bring to the society. RSVP here

時間: 2019/11/30 上午10點 ~ 下午1點
地點: 台北W飯店 (台北市忠孝東路五段10號) 近捷運市政府站   MAP
Registration and Networking 
10:00-10:30 Programme Introduction
10:30-11:30 MBA Master Class on “Recent Advances of Asian High-tech Sector” by Prof. Seen Meng CHEW
11:30-11:40 Q & A Session
11:40-13:00 Refreshment and Networking