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Master of Accounting

BW  NW School Program Name  GRE/GMAT Deadline Note
  1 University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign  MAS GMAT 2/14 BA Accounting required
MSA GMAT 2/1  
Tax     2 year tax related experience
20 2 University of Texas–Austin (McCombs)  Professional Accounting GMAT 2/1 TOEFL(260)
5 3 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor (Ross)  MAcc GMAT 3/1 10-month program
21 6 University of Southern California (Marshall)  Accounting GMAT 2/1 GMAT(600), TOEFL(100), 
Business Taxation GMAT 2/1 GMAT(600), TOEFL(100),
  9 Brigham Young University (Marriott) (UT) Accounting GMAT 3/1 GMAT(630)
  10 Ohio State University (Fisher)  Accounting GMAT 2/1  
17 11 University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler)  Professional Accounting GMAT 5/1 GMAT(580), TOEFL(550)
Financial Accounting/Auditing GMAT 5/1 BA Accounting required
Tax GMAT 5/1 GMAT(580), TOEFL(550)
26 12 University of Notre Dame (Mendoza) (IN) Accounting GMAT 5/15 Spring, Fall
  13 University of Washington  Professional Accounting GMAT 11/1 GMAT(500), TOEFL((250)
Tax GMAT 11/1 GMAT(500), TOEFL((250)
     University of Florida (Warrington)  MAcc GRE/GMAT 4/15 GRE(1200), GMAT(550)
18    Indiana University–Bloomington (Kelley)  Professional Accountancy GRE/GMAT 12/1  
  21 Arizona State University–Main Campus (Carey)  Accountancy and Information System GMAT Rolling TOEFL(83)
Tax GMAT Rolling TOEFL(83)
  24 Texas A&M University–College Station (Mays)  Accounting GRE/GMAT Rolling Accounting preferred, TOEFL(213)
     University of Georgia (Terry)  Accountancy GMAT 4/15(F), 10/15(S) Accounting preferred
     University of Iowa (Tippie)  Accounting GMAT 4/15(F), 10/1(S)  
28    University of Rochester (Simon) (NY) Accountancy GRE/GMAT Rolling  
  28 University of Arizona (Eller)  Accounting GMAT 31(F), 12/1(S) GMAT(550)
15    University of Virginia (Darden)  Accounting GMAT 12/1 MS Accounting
  31 Bentley College (McCallum) (MA) Accounting GMAT 3/1(F), 11/1(S)  
29    Michigan State University (Broad) Accounting GMAT 10/1(F), 1/1(S), 3/1(S) GMAT(550), TOEGL(100)
27   Washington University (Olin) Accounting GRE/GMAT 3/14  
30   Vanderbilt University (Owen) Accounting GRE/GMAT 3/5 10 months
    Boston College (Carroll) Accounting GMAT 1/15(J), 2/15(Sep)  
    Buffalo University Accounting GMAT 4/1  
    Rutgers University Financial Accounting GMAT 5/1 Summer Entry
    Syracuse University (Whitman) Accounting GMAT 3/1  
    Baruch College Accounting GMAT Rolling (F,S) For non-accounting major