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Interview Policy 2007-2008_US


Interview Policy

Able to request interview?



An evaluative interview is conducted by invitation only, at the discretion of the Admissions Board, after an application has been submitted and reviewed. Interviews are generally conducted by a member of the MBA Admissions Board or a member of our small alumni/ae interviewing network. Interviews may be scheduled on campus, on the telephone, or in domestic or international hub cities.


It's very difficult to get an interview from HBS. If you are lucky enough to get an interview, you can fly to Boston or do an interview regionally (rarely in Taiwan). Once you are invited to interview, admission rate is ~50%. (Between 2006-20007, 2 Envision students were invited to interview, 1 was admitted)


We offer evaluative interviews on an invitation-only basis. If you are invited to interview, the interview will occur during the application round in which you applied. The admission interviews are conducted almost exclusively by Stanford MBA alumni. On occasion, you may be invited to interview with an MBA Admissions Officer.


It's very difficult to get an interview from Stanford. If you are lucky enough to get an interview, you will do an alumni interview with an alumni locally.  Once you are invited to interview, admission rate is ~50%. (Between 2006-2007, 5 Envision students were invited to interview; 3 were admitted)


We interview by invitation only. After reviewing the completed application, Wharton selects candidates for interviews. No candidate is admitted without an interview.


Wharton generally invites 50% of applicants to interview, though in 2007, the numbers were lower, ~20%. Of those invited to interview, admission rate is usually 20-25%. Usually you will have a choice of doing a hub interview with a member of the adcome or an alumni interviewer.


All applicants are required to request an on-campus or off-campus interview, both of which carry equal weight in the evaluation process. During our peak season, appointments may fill four to six weeks in advance. Applicants are not required to submit an application prior to scheduling an interview. On-campus interviews last approximately 30 minutes. To schedule an off-campus interview, please complete and submit Part I of the Kellogg application. Kellogg will provide the name and contact information of a Kellogg Alumni Interviewer or invite you to attend a Kellogg Interview Day


For Kellogg, you can request an interview but you might not necessarily get one. Often the school will waive your interview if you are in Taiwan. This is especially true if you are applying in Rd 2 when most Taiwanese apply to schools. Once your interview is waived, the school will evaluate your application directly. About 20-25% of the applicants get a call-back interview (think of it as an invitation at other schools.) While this is a good sign, admission rate for Kellogg is low.  I'd put admission rate after call back interview at less than 15%.


Interviews will be granted on an invitation-only basis after evaluation of a submitted application. A candidate who receives an invitation will have only one interview. Interviews are conducted by admissions staff, students or alumni. They are held on campus or in a location convenient for the prospective student.


Chicago generally interviews about 50% of its applicants. We estimate the chances of admission after interview at approximately 20-25%. (I think it is no coincidence that Chicago's admission process is very similar to Wharton's.) We have had great success with this school. Approximately 50% of our applicants who interviewed received an admission in 2006-2007. 


Interviews are by invitation only and cannot be requested. Conducted by alumni and current students who are members of the Columbia Business School Ambassadors program, these interviews are offered around the globe.


Columbia invites about 40-45% of applicants to interview. From our end, we are happy to report our students have a higher likelihood of securing interviews. 2006-2007, ~80% of our students received interviews. For the last 3 years, all J-term applicants received interviews regardless of GMAT & work experience. For ED 2007, 100% of applicants received interviews. For J-term & ED, we put admission rate at ~60% after interview. For Regular Decision (RD), interview is not as meaningful. Admission after RD interview is low, less than ~10%


Interviews are by invitation only. Interviews will be conducted at MIT Sloan and in several key cities around the globe. 


With the exception of the class of 2008, Sloan admits few Taiwanese (reversion to the mean). Sloan places a great emphasis on interviews as each candidate meets with a member of the admission committee, who flies out to Asia each round. Traditionally, adcom does not stop by in Taiwan so candidates invited to interview have to fly to a nearby location. For the last couple of years, the location has been Bangkok.  In Round II, Sloan will sometimes include Taipei as an interview hub. When it does this, more Taiwanese applicants will be invited to interview. However, when Sloan doesn't stop in Taiwan, which was the case this year, then it becomes extremely stingy with interviews. This year we had 32 people apply and only 2 interview, none admitted. But in the past, we have fared better. About 20% interview and 50-60% are admitted.


Evaluative interviews are not required for admission, but highly recommended. If applicants cannot come to campus to interview, and applicants live on the West Coast or outside of the United States, applicants may schedule an alumni interview.


Duke's alumni interview doesn't mean a whole lot, regardless of whether you do it in Taiwan or HK. If you have the resources, fly to Durham to do the on-campus interview. 


Interviews will be conducted by invitation only. Interviews are typically conducted by trained admissions professionals, Alumni Admissions Committee or by members of our Admissions Student Committee.  Interviews may be conducted in person or by telephone.


Michigan changed its interview policy in the last year, so not much data. Based on what we saw last year, Michigan issued interviews to over 50% of our Rd I applicants and admitted over 50% and waitlisted 25%. In Rd 2, interviews were harder to come by, only about 20% were interviewed and only 33% were admitted. However, about 10-15% of the applicants were waitlisted without interview.


Interviews are held from mid-August through March and are subject to interviewer availability. Off-camps Alumni interviews are available by invitation only.



Interviews are available by invitation only. Stern recommend that applicants invited to interview do so at Stern or at one of our off-site interview locations. 


Stern in a word is tough the past 2 years. Very stingy with interviews. Stern issues interviews to ~5% of applicants, though it will admit about 60% of those interviewed. The interview must be done on-campus in NYC.  Getting a waitlist without interview is meaningless, just score that as a straight ding. Our students have been admitted 80% of the time after interview. Slight advantage applying to Rd 1.


An invitation to interview will be offered to select candidates after a review of the completed application. The decision to grant an interview is at the discretion of the admissions committee and may not be arranged by the candidate. 


Cornell issues quite a number of interviews if you are qualified and theoretically admits a good number of the candidates, but we find that the number of admits after interview for Taiwan is low. We attribute this to the fact that Cornell demands a higher level of spoken English fluency and a more stressful interview process. Candidates invited to interview have a choice of doing a phone, alumni or on-campus interview. If you can make a strong impress on the admission committee member, you will get in. But, most people get shot down by the adcom.


Tuck offers all applicants the opportunity to interview on campus in Hanover. If applicants have not been able to interview by the deadline, the admissions committee may invite applicants to interview if they feel it is necessary.


Campus interview granted to those who are willing to travel to Hanover. Few data points available for Taiwanese applicant. Tip: Apply early and do the on-campus interview. 33% of our students who interviewed received admission over past 2 yrs, 33% waitlisted. If you don't receive an interview, chances are not completely lost, there is still a chance to be waitlisted. But, bad news is no one from Taiwan has been admitted from the WL yet.


Interviews are conducted solely at the invitation of the admissions committee, and only after the initial review of your application. Therefore, we ask that you please refrain from contacting us to request an interview. Interviews are offered both with current students on campus and with alumni in cities around the world. 


Berkeley interviews less than 25% its applicants. The chances of admission after interview is ~50% in recent years, thought we have been running at a higher rate, 75%.  Interview varies year-to-year. Some years it will be with an alum, other years it will be via phone with an ad com and some years, ad com will fly to Taiwan.


We schedule and conduct candidate-initiated interviews from August through April. While an interview is not required in order to process and review your application, it is required for an offer of admission to be made.




Interviews are by invitation of the Admissions Committee only.


Yale is tough. Few interviews are issued, few are admitted. 


While interviews are not required for acceptance, they are strongly recommended. Goizueta offers a flexible interview schedule, including several Saturday dates, to meet your needs.


Emory is another school where you can really sell yourself. An on-campus interview can compensate for a low GMAT score and can even turn a rejection into an admission. Interview in Taipei during MBA Tour is also possible, but no longer as meaningful since the school is interviewing with 30-40 students per visit.


During the early part of the admission season (until December 4th), visitors may request an interview with a member of our admission staff. Throughout the Fall, our staff members attend recruiting events across the world. We would welcome the opportunity to interview you at one of these events.


Everybody interviews for this school (almost everybody, 90%).  Interview not that meaningful. It's one of those schools where I think a school visit will help since it's trying to improve yield.


McCombs utilizes an invitation-only interview system. This means that the Admissions Committee will review completed applications and invite selected candidates to interview. Applicants are unable to choose to interview on their own.


Tough for Taiwanese, especially males. Few data points.


Anyone who submits at least Part I of the MBA application may schedule an interview. Telephone interviews and face-to-face interviews are valued equally. 


Everybody interviews. To make an impression, an on-campus interview will stand out.


Interviews are conducted only at the discretion of the Admissions Committee, upon receipt of a completed application. Applicants selected for an interview will be notified by phone or e-mail.


USC interviews quite a number of people, though I don't have an exact count. I think everyone of our applicants have gotten an interview over the past four years and almost 80% get into the full-time program. For IBEAR, we are running at 100%.