Service Item  Content
Based on a review of your academic/test scores, work experience and interest, we can help you identify the programs that best suit your goals.

a. Self-discovery: Understand if an MBA program is the best fit for you.
b. School/Program Selection
c. Career Coaching: Help you understand the steps you need to take from where you are today to where you want to go tomorrow.
Our consultants will interview you to understand “your story” and help you come up with your best stories to highlight to business school.

Recommendation Letter:
We will work with you to identify who is the best choice to provide a letter of recommendation and also help you coach your recommenders on providing the right content in the letter.

We can help you create a crisp and easy-to-read resume that gives the business school a snapshot of your career highlights.
Mock-Interview Sessions
The interview is the last hurdle in the long application process and is crucial for international students. If you are able to ace your interview, you will have a clear advantage over your peers. We provide students with a large database of past interview questions and our experienced consultants will make sure that you will be prepared with the right answers.

Our desire is to delight the client. One way is to make clear our understandings with each other.

These are the terms of our agreement:

1. Standard Package includes the following items:

• Face-to-Face/E-mail/Phone consultation: Up to 4 hours of consultation. Additional consultation is at our hourly rate. 
• Resume x 1:
The content of the resume will be supplied by the student.
• Recommendation Letter x 3 maximum:
The recommendation letter draft will be supplied by the student.
• Essays for up to 8 schools:
Drafts will be supplied by the student.  Any essay within 8 schools will be edited to the final version. In case the student desires to apply for more schools than the original package (8 schools), the student will work out a separate agreement with Envision for the additional schools.
• As part of this package, two mock interview sessions are included: 
Additional mock interview is NT$2,500/interview.  
• Standard Package does NOT include filling out application forms. 
• All drafts supplied by the student MUST be in English.
• Once Envision confirms the content of drafts, revision to the content will be limited.  
• Under no circumstances can any document, including the content filled in the application forms, be returned by Envision within 3 business days (a business day is defined as Monday through Friday, 11am to 7pm, excluding national/legal holidays). Rush service will require additional charges (refer to appendix)

2. Completion Date:

EnvisionMBA and the student must WORK TOGETHER to complete the application in a timely manner. If the student does not supply Envision Study Group the required content as requested, we cannot guarantee that you can receive your documents in a timely manner.

3.   Payment of Fees

4.   If a student applies to less than 8 schools, the full amount is still due.

5.   Cancellation is not permitted after completing the first school.

6.   All requests for cancellation must be made in writing.