Globis MBA

Globis Full-time English MBA in Tokyo--The Largest Business School in Japan.

Apply Now ! No GMAT required & Admitted students will get 100% scholarship! 

Program Overview

Start Date        September

Length     1 year

Format     Daytime

Credits     48 credits

Admission rounds    Nov, Jan, Mar

Campus   Tokyo Campus

Class Size 20

Language English

Tuition*    3,800,000 JPY

(=45,238 USD**)

*The MBA Class of 2012 will receive a special study grant of JPY 952,000.

**Exchange rate: 84 JPY = 1 USD


Application Dates




Interview &

Interview &





Nov 5, 2011

Nov 25

Dec 3 – 5

Dec 19

Dec 19 – Jan 5



Jan 21, 2012

Feb 3

Feb 11 – 13

Feb 29

Feb 29 – Mar 14



Mar 24, 2012

Apr 6

Apr 14 – 16

Apr 26

Apr 26 – May 17


Admission Requirements

Applicants for the Full-time MBA Program need to satisfy the following requirements at the time of entrance:

-Possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year university or college, or the equivalent from a recognized institution

-Have three or more years of work experience

-Are at least 22 years of age at the time of application

*if you do not satisfy one or more requirements above, see "Preliminary Screening Process" page.

*Preliminary Screening Process


Application Checklist

Required Document

Who Should Submit



1. Basic Information


Fill out the prescribed forms online.

2. Essays


Read the essay questions and fill out the prescribed forms online.

3. Letter of Recommendation


Submit at least one letter of recommendation using the prescribed form. To be filled out by your supervisor or person with whom you have close business relationship. To be submitted online by the recommender, or by mail.

If submitted by mail, letter of recommendation must be sent by registered mail, and must be postmarked by deadline.

4. Diploma & Transcript


Attach a scanned official diploma and transcript from the school where you received a bachelor’s degree.

Original copy of the transcript must be sent by registered mail. Must be postmarked by deadline.

5. Evidence of English Ability

(see exemption note)

Attach a scanned official TOEFL or TOEIC score report issued within two years from the date of submission.

Native English speakers or applicants whose degrees are in English are exempt.

6. Certificate of Registration Matters

Non-Japanese applicants living in Japan

Attach a scanned official certificate offered by a City/Ward office; should state the permit of stay status and the duration of the permit.

Obtained from relevant City/Ward Office

7. Certificate of Alien Registration

Non-Japanese applicants living in Japan

Attach a scanned official certificate (both sides).

Obtained from relevant City/Ward Office

8. Statement of Source of Funds

All Non-Japanese applicants

Fill out the prescribed forms online. The evidence should be scanned and attached to the statement.

9. Photos


Submit a high resolution digital image, single shot, full-face, upper-body, uncovered, white or blue background, taken within 3 months before the application to be used for a student ID.

10. Application Fee


Applicants from Japan: 
JPY 35,000
Applicants from overseas:
JPY 10,000

Online credit payment to be made through the online admission system. Payment in cash cannot be accepted.

11. GMAT score report


Attach a scanned official score report issued within five years from the date of submission.

If submitted logical thinking exam does not need to be taken.


Please note the following:

-Documents written in languages other than English are not accepted

(except for 6 and 7, which are usually available only in Japanese).


-Once submitted, applicants will not be able to make any changes to documents.


-The application fee cannot be reimbursed.


-Those who apply for the GLOBIS Scholarship must submit their scholarship applications together with their MBA application as these are processed simultaneously.


-Applications which contain false information will automatically result in the withdrawal of the letter of acceptance.


Q1. Tell us about a work/project experience that you were very passionate about, and state your reasons why. How would you describe your values?


Q2. Describe any leadership experience you have had in bringing about change or inspiring creativity within your organization. What kind of mind-set and skill-set do you think a leader should possess?


Q3. What was the biggest challenge you have faced or failure you have experienced? How did you cope with it and what did you learn from it?


Q4. Describe your vision for society and your career goals. How can GLOBIS University and an MBA degree help you attain them?


Q5. (Optional) Please feel free to share any other information that you think will give us more insight into you.


GLOBIS Scholarship for Overseas Students (cover 100% tuition !)


Eligibility: Non-Japanese applicants who reside outside Japan and will move to Japan to study at GLOBIS in 2012.

Scholarship Amount: The scholarship will cover the full tuition fee.

Note: The scholarship amount does not cover the following fees and expenses: additional tuition for long-term enrollment, non-GLOBIS textbooks, extra-curricular expenses (ex. camp-based elective classes) and living expenses.


Scholarship conditions, screening criteria and process for both scholarships are as follows:


(1)    Scholarship Conditions

Students of these awards must adhere to the following conditions:

Enrollment in GLOBIS University in 2012

Successful completion of the required credits needed for graduation

Make continuous efforts to accomplish what is stated in the applicant’s scholarship essay and contribute to the program

(2)    Cooperation in Marketing Activities

Scholarship students are expected to cooperate with GLOBIS’ marketing activities, such as providing or submitting interviews / photos / profile / stories in the internal and external media with permission prior to publishing requested. However, if unable to cooperate, students can inform the office of the reason and an exception may be considered.


(3)    Screening Criteria

(a) Extensive international business experience

(b) Strong academic background

(c) Potential contribution to the GLOBIS student body

(d) Native-level English proficiency

(e) Need for financial aid


(4)    How to Apply

Please submit the scholarship essay along with your GLOBIS application information.

<Essay Question>

Please answer the following questions with using an A4 paper:

How will your international experience and perspective improve the GLOBIS experience for other students? What unique insights will you bring?”


(5) Screening Process

The scholarship screening process includes the essay and an interview. Applicants need to apply for the scholarship at the same time as submitting their application for the MBA program. Only applicants who pass the GLOBIS admission process will be eligible to receive the scholarship. The final decision regarding scholarships will be sent with admission notification.



For applicants who reside outside Japan, the scholarship interview will be conducted over the phone.