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University of British Columbia (Sauder)



Below is the application essays for 2011-2012. New essay questions will be announced in September. 
Part 1
Describe how your past educational and career choices have informed your decision to pursue an MBA now. In both the short-term and the long-term, what do you hope to achieve with the UBC MBA that you can’t achieve through your experience alone? (500 word limit)
Part 2
One of the core tenets of the Sauder School of Business is a collaborative culture. Discuss one or two examples from your professional experience that highlight successful collaboration. In particular, describe your role in ensuring that success. (500 word limit)
Part 3
Please answer ONE of the following TWO questions:
a) A key hallmark of the UBC MBA is its diversity. Outline an event that highlights your successful experience dealing with people of diverse cultural, educational, or work backgrounds. (250 word limit)
b) Complete the following statement: "One thing that people may be surprised to know about me is..." (250 word limit)

Two referees are required.

1. How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity?
2. What do you consider to be the applicant’s principal strengths and special talents?
3. What are the applicant’s major weaknesses or areas in need of improvement?
4. Comment on the applicant’s style and interpersonal skills considering general attitude and confidence, ability to work under stress, and sensitivity to others.
5. How has the applicant demonstrated managerial potential?
6. How would you rate the applicant’s achievements when compared to those of his/her peers?
7. Based on your first-hand experience, please evaluate the applicant’s ability in the following areas:
        Comprehend lectures conducted in English                    Excellent       Very Good       Average       Below Average       Unable To Assess
        Express himself/herself fluently in written English           Excellent       Very Good       Average       Below Average       Unable To Assess
        Express himself/herself fluently in spoken English          Excellent       Very Good       Average       Below Average       Unable To Assess


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Last updated: July 20, 2012