NYU M.S. in Management and Systems


Fall Semester
International Early Decision: Feb 1
International Final Date: May 15
Domestic Early Decision: Feb 1
Domestic Final Date: Aug 1

Spring Semester 
International Early Decision: Aug 15
International Final Date: Oct 1
Domestic Early Decision: Oct 15
Domestic Final Date: Dec 15

Summer Semester
International Early Decision: Jan 15
International Final Date: Mar 1
Domestic Early Decision: Feb 15
Domestic Final Date: May 1

Personal Statement
Please develop an essay of no shorter than 500 words (typed, double-spaced) that discusses your professional goals and addresses each of the following questions: Why is this Graduate program right for you, both academically and professionally? What might you contribute to the program, both as a student and afterwards? 


1. Please upload a letter of evaluation. 
2. How long have you known the applicant? (50 characters)
2. In what capacity? (100 characters)
3. What do you consider the applicant’s outstanding talents? (200 characters)
4. In which areas could the applicant exhibit growth or improvement? (200 characters)
5. Please comment on your impression of the applicant’s capacity for graduate work and his or her potential for a successful professional career. (1000 characters)

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