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Summer Business Programs

These programs are better suited for current undergraduate students or recent graduates.
Chicago: The program is designed with a schedule that combines academic coursework with professional skill-building.  Scholars will explore the disciplines of finance, accounting, and marketing.
NYU: The Program is a 3-week, 4-credit, full-time business immersion program, consisting of mini-courses in the key business disciplines of accounting, finance, management and marketing.
Stanford: This program utilizes a combination of lectures, team projects, small group discussions, workshops, and guest speakers to give the participants a comprehensive experience and a solid understanding of the process of starting a new business venture.
Dartmouth: You'll dive into business fundamentals—finance, accounting, economics, marketing, management communications, decision making, problem solving, and presentation skills, as well as teamwork and leadership training.
Program Length: 3-4 weeks, usually starts in June
If you have any questions about these programs, please send us an email or call our office. cindytangesg@gmail.com or 02-2708-3805 ext 17 (Cindy).