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IMC Marketing Advertising Communication Programs

NW School Program Name  GRE/GMAT Deadline Note
    Arizona State University Mass Communication GRE 2/1 TOEFL(600)
Communication GRE 2/1  
    Baruch College Marketing GRE 5/31(F), 11/30(S) TOEFL/TWE, credit evaluation needed
    Boston University Mass Communication GRE 2/1 TOEFL(100, 25 each)
Advertising GRE 2/1 TOEFL(100, 25 each)
Public Relations GRE 2/1 TOEFL(100, 25 each)
Television Management GRE 2/1 TOEFL(100, 25 each)
    Cal State - Fullerton Communication GRE 2/1(F), 10/1(S) TOEFL(80), GRE(V 500 up)
    Emerson College Global Marketing Communication and Advertising GRE/GMAT 5/1 TOEFL(80)
Communication Management GRE/GMAT 5/1  
Integrated Marketing Communication GRE/GMAT 5/1 TOEFL(80)
    Fashion Institute of Technology Global Fashion Marketing GRE 2/15 TOEFL(80)
    Johns Hopkins University
Not required Rolling TOEFL(100)


New York University Direct and Interactive Marketing GRE/GMAT 3/15 (F), 8/15(S)  
Public Relations and Corporate Communications GRE/GMAT 3/15 (F), 8/15(S)  
Media, Culture and Communication GRE 2/1(F), 11/1(S) TOEFL(213-250)


Northwestern University Integrated Marketing Communications GRE/GMAT 1/15  
Communication   12/31  
    San Diego State University Communication GRE 3/1(F), 10/1(S)  
Mass Communication and Management GRE 3/1  
    San Jose State University Mass Communication GRE 4/1  
    Suffolk University Communication Studies GRE/GMAT 6/15  
Public Relations and Advertising GRE/GMAT 6/15  
Organizational Communication GRE/GMAT 6/15  
Integrated Marketing Communication GRE/GMAT 6/15  
    Syracuse University Advertising GRE 2/1 TOEFL(100)
Media Studies GRE 2/1  
Megazine, Newspaper, and Online Journalism GRE 2/1  
Television, Radio and Film GRE 2/1  
Public Relations GRE 2/1  
Media Management GRE/GMAT 2/10  


University of Ilinois at Urbana Champaign Advertising GRE/GMAT 1/15  
Speech Communication      
Journalism GRE 2/1 TOEFL(250)
    University of Miami Communication GRE 1/15  


University of Southern California Strategic Public Relations GRE 1/15  
Global Communication   1/15 First year at LSE, apply to LSE
Communication Management GRE/GMAT 2/15  



University of Texas - Austin Advertising GRE 12/15  
  Communication Studies      
    University of Florida Advertising GRE 1/30 Thesis required
Public Relations GRE 4/1  
MSBA concentrate in Marketing GRE/GMAT 2/1 GRE(1250), GMAT(600)
    Florida State University Integrated Marketing and Communication GRE 7/1 GRE(1000), TOEFL(100)
    Illinois Institute of Technology Marketing Communication GMAT 6/15  
    University of Denver Master of Science in Marketing GMAT 5/15  
    Texas A&M Marketing GRE/GMAT 3/1 TOEFL(213)



Stanford University (CA) Communication      



University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler)  Communication Studies GRE 2/1  



Cornell University (Johnson) (NY) Communication   1/1  



Michigan State University (Broad)  Advertising      
Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media      
    University of Minnesota (Carlson) Communication Studies GRE 1/15 TOEFL(213)
    Mass Communication GRE 12/31 TOEFL(250)
    Penn State University (Smeal) Media Studies GRE 1/10  
    Telecommunication GRE 1/10  
    University at Buffalo Communication GRE    
    UC Davis Communication GRE 1/1  
    Florida International University  Integrated Communications, Advertising and PR GRE(preferred) 5/1 GRE(1000 min), TOEFL(61)
    Business Journalism GRE(preferred) 5/1




ESADE Marketing Management GMAT Rolling TOEFL(91), GMAT(550)