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EnvisionMBA provides an in-depth career overview that helps students to make informed decision about their career path. We also help students practice general & case interview and polish their resumes, our services includes:

Resume & Cover Letter Review & Editing

It is essential that your resume and cover letter make a strong first impression. Recruiters have hundreds of applications to sift through and small mistakes such as misspellings will find your application in the trash bin.

We will make sure your resume and cover letter stand out above the crowd.

According to recruiters, here are some things that differentiate candidates:

  • Resume

    • Results - Most people talk about their job responsibilities, but few actually mention what impact they made for their organization.

    • STAR - Each bullet should be properly structured. An effective structure is STAR, which stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result.

    • Quantify - Wherever possible, quantify the work you have done. Notice the difference between saying "Managed sales accounts for multiple products" and "Managed sales accounts worth $10 USD million for four product lines".

  • Cover letter

    • Personal - Recruiters want to see your writing style and personality come out in your cover letter. It should not repeat what is in your resume.

    • Confidence - Companies want to hire leaders and it has to show in your writing.

    • Structure - The letter should be organized so that the recruiter can quickly understand what position you desire, why you are interested in the company, and why you deserve an interview.

  • Case interview practice

  • Asia financial / top job industry overview

  • General Interview practice

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