Washington University EMBA


You will attend class one weekend per month, Friday through Monday, for 18 consecutive months. The program concludes with a two-week trip to Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, USA in December, where the final three classes of the program are taught at the Charles F. Knight Executive Education Center on our home campus.


-University degree or equivalent

-Outstanding track record of professional success

-Minimum of 10 years of work experience and 5 years of managerial or professional experience with increasing responsibility

-High potential for advancement and proven academic capability

-Strong potential to contribute to the Executive MBA experience.

-Fluency in reading, writing and speaking English**

-Strong interest in a US educational experience



Personal Essays

Please answer the following questions, limiting your response to no more than 1/2 page (typed, double spaced) per question.

1. How will our Executive MBA program contribute to your personal and career objectives? How do you plan to

fit this program into your busy schedule over the next 18 months.

2. Suppose that you are in charge of a department of 10 people, and that you have two colleagues who don't

contribute to the success of the team. By contrast, you give fully of your time and energy on the team's projects.

How would you deal with this situation?

3.Suppose that your best sales representative starts falling off from his/her regular performance. This slowdown

persists for three months and starts to affect your team’s quarterly results. What would you do?

4.Suppose that you have been working closely with internal and external customers, and you have found some

win-win solutions that can increase the company’s profits. You share your thoughts with your immediate supervisor,

but he/she is generally resistant to change and responds negatively to your idea. What is your next step?

5.Please write a brief statement (approximately 150-200 words) about yourself, including past work experience,

outside interests, and any other information about yourself you wish to share.

(If you are accepted into the EMBA program, this statement may be included in a directory distributed to your

peers and faculty.)

6.Optional Essay

Feel free to include any additional information that you would like the Admissions Committee to consider when

reviewing your application.

(Please use the back of this page if you need additional space)

Supplemental Questions:

1.Please draw an organizational chart of your current company and indicate your position

2.In order to help us understand your day-to-day role, describe your current position-your supervisor's position, your subordinates’ responsibilities, your budget responsibilities, and the operational scope of your responsibilities.

3.What is the reason you took your current job? In what way do you think you are contributing in the success of your organization?

4.Why do you think your subordinates follow you? That is, what is the basis of your leadership style?


Two Letters of Recommendation

1. How long and in what context have you known the applicant?

2. In your opinion, why would anyone want to be led by the applicant? Does he/she have a distinctive leadership style? Please provid