The duration is 18 months, including a practicum project and an international exchange programme


1. A bachelor's degree or its equivalent

2. A minimum of two years full-time work experience

3. A GMAT score (recommended) or CEIBS Admission Test score

4. Proficiency in the English language.






Application Deadline

Interview in

Decision by

CEIBS Admission Test

The CEIBS Admission Test is an option that the school provides to MBA applicants

in lieu of the GMAT test. The CEIBS Admission Test is similar in style to the GMAT

test except that it does not have the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section.


Please answer the following essay questions and limit your answer to the length indicated at the end of each question.

It is suggested that you complete this section on word processor, then copy and paste here.

1. Why are you seeking to pursue your MBA study at this moment of your life in relation to your short-term and long-term career goals? Explain how an MBA from CEIBS will contribute to these goals. (500 words) *

For question 2(a) and 2(b), you only need to answer one of the two questions.

2(a). Describe your most significant work-related achievement and explain why you view it as such. (400 words)

2(b). Describe a difficult situation where you demonstrated leadership skills to achieve a positive outcome. (400 words)

For question 3(a) and 3(b), you only need to answer one of the two questions.

3(a). Describe a professional failure and what were the lessons learned? (400 words)

3(b). Describe a situation where your values, ethics or morals were challenged and how did you handle the situation. (400 words)

4.(Optional) Is there any other information that you believe would be helpful to the MBA Admission Committee in evaluating your application?(200 words).Re-applicants are suggested to describe the progress you have made since your previous application.

Other question in the application form:

Do you have any other information that you would like to share with us to make your life at CEIBS more pleasant, such as special facilities or dietary needs?


Two reference Letters

a. How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity?

b. In comparison with the applicant's colleagues, what do you consider to be the applicant's strengths? How do you think about theapplicant's leadership ability?

c. In what areas do you think the applicant needs improvement or growth? To the best of your knowledge, what effort(s) has theapplicant made to improve in the areas that you have mentioned?

d. Please comment on the applicant's ability to work with colleagues, including his or her supervisors, peers, and subordinates.

e. Please provide any other comments or information that may help us assess the applicant for admission into the CEIBS MBA programme.


The tuition fee of the 18-month MBA programme for the 2010 intake is.

*Chinese (including Taiwan, HK and Macau) participants : RMB258,000

*International participants: USD48,000

Application Fee (Non-refundable)

    • Chinese (including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macow) applicant: RMB 600

    • Internationals applicant: USD 120


MBA Admissions Office


699 Hongfeng Road


Shanghai 201206, PRC

Tel: +86-21-28905555

Fax: +86-21-28905200

Email: admissions@ceibs.edu

Website: http://www.ceibs.edu/mba/index.shtml

Online Application: http://portal.ceibs.edu/application/mba.do