NUS-DPD Program

Columbia – NUS

Double Professional Degree in Financial Engineering


Columbia University (CU) and National University of Singapore (NUS), the two top-ranked institutions, are partnering to launch the double Professional Degree in Financial Engineering. Graduates of the joint venture will earn:

*Professional Degree in Financial Engineering by Columbia University

*Professional Degree in Financial Engineering by the National University of Singapore

Program Description

The Program, which is will be the first of its kind in the world, is a post-masters level degree program in financial engineering. It will teach students advanced quantitative methods, financial markets and instruments, and advanced topics in financial engineering, utilizing a highly distinguished faculty comprised of professors from Columbia University and NUS. Coursework emphasizes both the theoretical background and practical aspects of pricing derivatives and managing assets, and is designed for students to attain a deeper knowledge and understanding in financial engineering.

Program Structure

The Double Professional Degree in Financial Engineering program will have a single intake commencing every year in August. Applicants can take the program as a full time program or as a part time program. In addition, applicants may also take the program via distance learning. Candidates may take some of their elective courses at Columbia University as full time students.

Period of Candidature

The maximum candidature period for the double professional degree program is four years. The minimum period of candidature is expected to be around 2 years.


27 Feb


Please outline clearly and briefly the following (where appropriate): (a) employment held (include title of jobs and start/end dates); (b) research activities; (c) academic honors, including fellowships you have been awarded; (d) volunteer or community service; (e) extracurricular activities; (f) honorary societies, awards for service or leadership you have received; and (g) publications.


State your objectives for obtaining the Double Professional Degree (Financial Engineering).


3 referee reports are required.

1. How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity?

2. The Selection Committee would appreciate your comments on the applicant’s academic strengths, ability to complete a graduate program, and potential to become a responsible and successful finance professional.

The reports should be from 3 individuals who can give an assessment of your character and academic abilities. The report should be sealed and singed across the seal on the envelope flap. You are required to submit the referees’ reports to us as part of your completed application package.


The non-refundable application fee of S$100.00 may be paid by cash, demand draft, traveler’s check or cashier’s order payable to “National University of Singapore,” payable in Singapore. Please write your name and contact number on the reserve of the check.

Graduation Requirements

For Professional Degree in Financial Engineering from Columbia University Candidates need to successfully complete 10 modules, of which 6 are common core modules (4 from Columbia and 2 from NUS) and 4 elective modules from Columbia.

For Professional Degree in Financial Engineering from National University of Singapore

Candidates need to successfully complete 12 modules, of which 6 are common core modules (4 from Columbia and 2 from NUS) and 6 are elective modules (4 from Columbia and 2 from NUS).


Candidates have to fulfill the admission requirements for both universities in order to gain admission to the double professional degree program.

Some admissions notes:

1.A graduate degree (i.e. Master of Science, Master of Arts, etc.) in Financial Engineering or equivalent from NUS / CU or their equivalent

2.GRE * score *For GRE, NUS institution code is 0677, department code is 0799.

Columbia’s Institution code for GRE is 2111. No department code is needed.

3.TOEFL* score if undergraduate degree was not obtained from a country where the official spoken language is English.

*For TOEFL, NUS institution code is 9087 and department code is 99. Columbia’s Institution code for TOEFL is 2111. No department code is needed.


All applications should be sent to the following address:

NUS-Columbia DPD Program Coordinator

Risk Management Institute

National University of Singapore

Block S16 Level 5

6 Science Drive 2

Singapore 117546