The International Full-time MBA program can be completed in one year.


Bachelor degree or higher

At least three years of working experience before entrance

A GMAT result and, if appropriate, an acceptable TOEFL or equivalent English language test score Or a result of BiMBA On-campus Admissions Test


Overseas applicants:

First round: 15 Dec. 2010

Second round: 15 Feb. 2011

Last round: 15 May 2011


We shall evaluate your motivation from your statements on (1) why you are applying to BiMBA, (2) how you are qualified and how your participation would contribute to the program, (3) what your career goals and development plans are.

Scholarship/Assistantship essay

For Scholarship, please describe (maximum 500 words)

1) the reason for your application for the scholarship; 2) which type(s) of scholarship you are most qualified for and why you should be selected for this scholarship (an example that demonstrates how you are exceptional is preferred); and 3) how you envisage contributing to the future development of the society after graduation?

For Assistantship, please describe (maximum 500 words)

1) How you will finance your MBA study; 2) why you should be considered for financial assistance; and 3) what jobs you are able to do which will benefit the class, the school or the community? (Preference will be given to applicants who have a track record.)


Two reference Letters

It is recommended that one of the two letters should come from a person who can provide an evaluation of your professional strengths, weaknesses, potential and overall abilities.

1. How long have you known the applicant?

2. In what relationship?

3. In your opinion, what is the candidate's motivation and suitability for a career in management? Comment on both principle qualities and weakness in this respect.

4. Please provide any additional comments regarding the applicant's aptitude for graduate work and a career in business and management.

Please note:

(1) We require the letters to be written in English. If it is written in other languages, please submit an English translation together with the original copy.

(2) It will be highly appreciated if the business cards of your recommenders can be submitted together with the recommendation letters.

(3) If you do have difficulties in submitting the original copies of letters in time, your recommenders could directly write to, or fax the letters to us at +8610-62757932. However, this is not encouraged.