Interview Guides

Purpose of interview for MBA program

  • To get to know your personality and social skills

  • To better understand your future employment potential

  • To better promote the program

  • To learn more about you

How to succeed from the interview?

Non-Verbal Body Language

Appropriateness is different according to culture, the sex of the interviewer and the purpose of the interview.

Before the interview

1. Establish Your Objective

  • How do you plan to market yourself?

  • What would you like to impress the interviewer with?

  • How can you reinforce your strengths and address your key weakness?

  • Do you know much about the school?

  • How did you decide which school to attend?

2. Be Prepared: four things you will need to know when you prepare for interviews:

  • Interview format: with alumni, with admission’s officers, or with 2nd year students.

  • Your objective.

  • What the school offers.

  • What questions they are likely to ask.

3. Know the Different Types of Interviewers:

  • Interview with alumni: chattier, interested in promoting the school, not as tough as the admissions officers.

  • Interview with admission’s officers: smooth interview, tend to be extremely focused, tend to be short.

  • Interview with 2nd year students: less smooth, likely to ask tough questions, assessing you to see if you’ll be an asset to the student group.

4. Typical interview format: every type of interview will include the following-welcome/greeting.

  • a few small-talk questions: How are you?, Was it easy to find the location?, Is it your first time here, What do you think of this country (if the interview is taking places at an international location), etc.

  • Some comments about the program and the school.

  • Detailed questions tracking your education and work history or your responses on the school’s application form.

  • An opportunity for you to ask questions.

  • Conclusion.

5. Practice, practice, practice!

6. Get to the interview location 20 minutes early and stop in the restroom for 5 minutes to readjust your nylons or tie and fix yourself up. Arrive at the interview area 15 minutes early.


-Do not wimp out on the hand shake! Both Taiwanese men and women shake hands incorrectly, preferring a “deadfish” handshake which screams lack of confidence.

-Regardless if your interviewer is male or female, the hand shake is the same and should be firm with both palms touching and a slight shake.

-Do not shake with just your fingertips (deadfish style). This type of handshake does not demand the respect that you deserve.