ESMT: European School of Management and Technology


*The ESMT Full-time MBA program in Berlin, Germany, is a one-year program starting in January each year.


1. What was the most difficult course you had in your previous education? What made it challenging for you? Please comment on the levl of your academic performance. (100 words maximum)

2. Are you involved in any volunteer or charity activities? If so, please describe your involvement, the amount of time spent on these activities and what motivated you to get involved. (100 words maximum)

3. Please explain why you are applying for an MBA at ESMT? What career do you expect to make after completing your MBA? Please provide some insights on your short term (immediately after your MBA) and long term objectives. (1000 words maximum)

4. Many leadership specialists speak of how failure is just as important to professional development as success is. Tell us about a setback in your life (personal, academic, or professional), your reaction to the setback, and any learning or growth you gained from the experience. (300 words maximum)

5. Which technology do you believe has the potential to impact most positively on the well-being of your country's citizens? (300 words maximum)

6. What was the most challenging intercultural experience you have had, either in your home country or abroad? What made this experience memorable? (300 words maximum)

7. If you would like to add any additional short information which you feel is not evident from the rest of your application, please do so here. (100 words maximum)


2 letters of recommendation are required. (word limit not specified)

1. How long have you known the candidate? Define your relationship with the candidate and the circumstances whereby you met.

2. How do you rate the candidate on the following criteria? (Leadership potential, professional competence, focus on the task at hand, creativity and resourcefulness, intellectual curiosity, energy and drive, personal integrity, ability to work in a team, ability to organize oneself, oral communication skills, written communication skills)

3. How do you rate the candidate's potential for becoming a responsible and successful manager in international business compared with other students or employees whom you have known in a similar capacity?

4. Please write a brief evaluation of the candidate's record and potential. You might consider the following questions:

  • Candidate's career progress to date and his/her career focus.

  • Candidate's major strengths? Factors that distinguish the candidate from other individuals at his/her level.

  • Candidate's major weaknesses? Comment on his/her efforts to improve them.

  • Situation(s) or incident(s) based on first-hand experience which illustrate(s) the candidate's sense of purpose and maturity.

  • Candidate's potential for leadership.

  • Candidate's interpersonal skills.