The CEIBS EMBA programme is a two-year programme offered on a part-time basis. Students meet once a month, from Friday to the following Monday. The programme curriculum offers 15 compulsory courses, 4 elective courses to choose from a wide pool of over 20 courses in different areas, and one group project. Core courses are taken mostly in the first year, with the second year devoted mainly to advanced elective courses and group research project.

15 Required courses

4 Elective courses

Entry Residency

Exit Residency

Group Project

The total in-class hour required for the degree is 664 while the average contact hour of 77 EMBA programmes in the United States is 546 hours (including all required and elective class hours).


1. Hold a bachelor's degree or above; senior executives with college education with outstanding achievements may also be considered.

2. Have a minimum of eight years working experience with at least five years management experience;

3. Have a strong command of the English language if applying for the International Class;

4. Obtain approval from current employer to take two working days off (Friday and Monday) to attend classes each month.


EMBA 2009 Spring class(Opening in March) Campus( Shanghai )

- apply before November 14, 2008

- Decision by January 15, 2009


Answers should be no less than 200 words for every question.

1.Please describe your organisation, including the nature, investors, main business, and the level of your organisation in the industry or region; please also describe your level of decision-making in the organisation, and your specific responsibilities.

2.What are your most important strengths and accomplishments thus far? Please also describe one specific example that best demonstrates your leadership?

3.Please describe a situation, either at work or in life, where you faced particular frustration or difficulty. What was the outcome and what have you learned from the experience? What were the most challenging managerial problems you encountered and how did you deal with them?

4.Please describe an ethical dilemma that you have faced and how it was resolved.

5.Please describe the contribution you believe you will make to your Executive MBA class and learning teams.

6.Is there anything that you would like to add that would help us in evaluating your candidacy?


Two Letters of Recommendation

1.Please describe the applicant's current job responsibilities:

2.What are your company's plans for the applicant after his/her completion of the EMBA programme

3. Please list the most outstanding talents or characteristics of the applicant:

4. In what areas can the applicant improve?

5. If this applicant is admitted, what specific contributions will he/she bring to the EMBA class?



The tuition fee of the two-year programme for the International class entering in 2008 is RMB 370,000.

The tuition fee covers:

The tuition for the two-year programme

Textbooks and other teaching materials

Access to the school library and computer resources

Accommodation and meals during the two residential modules (entry and exit) at CEIBS

The tuition and ground cost for the required Global Module in the USA in the first year (10-day-8-night module, including the tuition and ground transportation, lodging cost within US). As most students tend to combine this global module with their other travel needs, flight costs are not included. Students are required to make their own flight arrangements (international flight between China and U.S., and flight between U.S. cities).

The non-refundable application fee for EMBA 2008 is RMB 900.

International students can pay the tuition fee in USD, based on the exchange buying rate on the day of the payment.


The CEIBS EMBA programme design is based on the full-time MBA programme format, but tailored in its curriculum, methodology and schedule to meet the needs of senior executives in China. The programme allows working professionals to pursue MBA degrees without stopping careers or contributing to their employers. The programme design allows students to synthesize work experience with academic studies to enhance performance in both arenas. Currently, about 60 to 70 per cent of the CEIBS EMBA students are sponsored or partly sponsored by their employers.




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