Vlerick MBA/Masters Interview Bangkok Session

Enrolling in a Top Full-time MBA in Europe with only 1,050,000 THB !

Contact us today for a chance to be admitted to Vlerick MBA in Belgium and receive up to 50% scholarship (you can save up to 15,750 Euro= 650,000 THB!!).

The school representative will fly to Bangkok to interview with qualified candidates on Feb. 9th !!

Vlerick is located in Belgium and is consistently ranked as a top program in the world by the Economist and the Financial Times. It is a one- year program that will give you extraordinary experience in Europe and solid general management training. You will be able to work in European countries after you graduate.

Why Vlerick ?

· 25% or 50% Scholarships---If you successfully obtain 50% scholarship, the total cost is only 25,750 Euro= 1,050,000 THB!!

· Guaranteed loan fund for international students

· Number 2 in the world for return on investment according to the FT

· Number 13 in the world by the Economist

· Study trip to China--- The entire class will undertake a study trip to China at Peking University, the leading university in China, participants study Chinese business on the ground.

If you are interested, please email bell@envisionmba.com or call (66) 2 2072542 for an interview with the school admission team in Bangkok!

Interview Time: Feb 9th

The school representative will hold an Admission Test at from 6pm to 8pm and interviews both before and after for those applying without GMAT.

For GMAT applicants he can offer interviews any time that day.

Interview Venue: Business Centre on the 7th floor at Westin Hotel

For more details, please check the school website,http://www.vlerick.com/en/programmes/mba/ftmba/g1/g1/what-is-MBA.html

For applicants who are interested in master programs, please see the details here

PS: The vacancy is limited. Please register as soon as possible. !!