FAQ_Recommendation Letters

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Q. Can I repeat examples in the same letter or in both letters?

A. Please avoid repeated examples.

Q. What kind of weaknesses is appropriate?

A. Please avoid positive weaknesses such as being too demanding or being a perfectionist, since such a comment will appear too fake. Cite one that can be improved by effort, one that has been improved as the work experience has evolved, or one that can be improved after MBA training.

Q. How should I describe an example?

A. Explain the situation, when it happened, how you reacted, what you did to solve the problems, etc.

Q. Do I need to have my recommender sign the letter?

A. Many schools require/prefer that you submit everything online now, including the recommendation letters. To avoid delays processing your application, we suggest you follow the schools' guidelines.

Q. How does the recommendation letter work online?

A. In the online application, you will be able to request a letter from your recommender by submitting your recommender’s email. The online application system will automatically generate an email to your recommender with instructions. If after you submit this request and your recommender does not receive the information, most likely it is because you have typed in an email address incorrectly.

Q. Does the recommender need a big title?

A. Not necessarily, as long as the recommender has frequent interaction with you and knows you well professionally.

Q. Can I ask my relatives in my family business to write rec letters for me?

A. In order to be impartial, relatives from your family business are not appropriate as recommenders.

Q. What if my supervisor is no longer in the company where we met?

A. There is no adverse impact if your supervisor(s) currently works at a different company as long as you and your recommender(s) had frequent interaction with you during your tenure in the previous firm.

Q. I am the owner of my own company/ an independent worker. From whom can I request recommendation letters?

A. Partners and clients would be your best choices since they have had frequent contact and interaction with you and they see your performance professionally.

Q. I don't have much work experience, but I participated in a lot of activities in college. Can it make up for my lack of professional experience?

A. Although extracurricular activities can show some aspects of your abilities, they are not a strong substitute for professional work experience.