Jun 1 - Sept 30, 2009 ( for Class 2010)


Position Data

Describe the organizational unit for which you are responsible and relate it to the total organization in terms of size, scope, and autonomy of responsibility. What human resources, budget, and capital investment are you responsible for? To what position(s) do you report? Please enclose a description of your position.


What do you expect to accomplish through this Executive MBA program? What learning experiences do you expect, and how would you apply them? What specific benefits do you anticipate?

Education and Experience

Describe any major reports, instructional materials, or manuals that you have prepared or any research, inventions, or other creative work.

Please list the business/professional/community organizations in which you are active.


1. How long have you known the applicant?

2. Under what circumstances have you known the applicant?

3. What do you consider the applicant’s most outstanding talents or characteristics?

4. What are the applicant’s major weaknesses?

5. To what extent does the applicant demonstrate originality and independence in thinking?

Where have you observed this?

6. How will graduate education in management help the applicant to realize his or her goals?

8. The Admissions Committee would appreciate any additional statement you may wish to make concerning the

applicant’s capacity for graduate work.


HK$1,500 or US$200



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