For Fall Entry

Round 1

Deadline: December 15

Round 2

Deadline: February 15

Round 3

Deadline: April 15

Round 4

Deadline: June 15

*Early admission deadline is December 15. We strongly encourage all interested students to apply early to ensure the best chance of admission.


Applicants to the Lally School of Management and Technology M.S. and MBA programs are required to submit answers to the following questions in lieu of the Statement of Background and Goals.

1. Two themes that underlie the Lally MBA are innovation and technology, particularly as these relate to entrepreneurship,

financial analysis, and international business development. Tell the story of your career so far and how the Lally MBA

would expand your options in these or other areas and enable you to attain the career goals you are considering.

Maximum 500 words.

2. Given our emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship in both technological entrepreneurship and finance,

students who succeed at Lally tend to be creative individuals who are fascinated with new products and new

business ideas and are especially good at identifying new opportunities. Please send us an example of your

creative thinking. This could be, but should in no way be limited to, one of the following:

  • An idea for a new business

  • An advertising campaign

  • A drawing of a new product idea

  • A physical prototype of a new product or concept (use your creativity to amaze us with your idea!)

  • A creative application of a new technology or new business idea to a pressing world problem; for example, an environmental problem or a problem relating to quality of life in a third world country(Note that the answer to the last question can also be used as your entry into the ESP scholarship competition).

The only restrictions are that it cannot be larger than 2 cubic feet (1 ft x 1 ft x 2 ft), no heavier than 50 pounds, and if you upload (or send) a written document, no longer than 1,500 words. If you submit something other than a written work, you must also submit a description of not more than 500 words explaining your submission.


Two letters of recommendation



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