2021 The MBA Tour


一年一度的商學院盛事、The MBA Tour線上教育展即將展開,你報名了嗎?

時間: 2021年7月8日晚上6點-10點

免費活動,請務必線上報名 RSVP bit.ly/TheMBATour2021

就讀MBA能放眼至更寬廣的國際市場, 優化自己的專業知識及技能, 學習如何更有效率管理工作團隊, 並有機會接觸到經理全球企業的佼佼者, 結識在未來皆有可能成為頂尖人才的同學, 這些都將成為你職業生涯中極寶貴的資源!

面對未來更廣大的國際就業機會, 你準備好了嗎?


  • - 工作卡關? 未來3年5年10年計畫沒著落? 想轉職或加薪卻沒有方向?

  • - MBA對工作有甚麼幫助? 我適合念MBA嗎?

  • - 那麼多學校, 到底該怎麼選?

  • - 申請時程應該怎樣安排呢?

  • - Essay要怎麼寫才可以脫穎而出? ㄧGMAT考試到底該怎麼準備?

不論是剛畢業初出茅廬的新鮮人,或是已經在職場上打滾多年身經百戰的管理人,若你正在思考著如何讓自己擁有一個更大放異彩的職涯, 歡迎參加7月8日的MBA線上巡迴展,與自亞洲、歐洲、英國、美國的知名商學院代表聊聊,還可以聽聽校友與在校生的經驗談,以及GMAC獨家提供的GMAT考試密技。

活動內容 What's Included in the Event


  • 與各校面試人員、校友、在校生、以及其他申請者直接互動,點亮你的MBA申請之路。

  • 與學校進行小組會談,讓你更了解自己的職涯規劃與哪間學校最速配。

  • 了解每間學校的優勢、學校在找怎樣的人才,獲得申請上的具體建議。

  • GMAT考試主辦單位提供參加者獨家備考密技。


  • MBA.com提供的申請指南,包括如何撰寫"why b school"等申請小論文撇步。

  • BusinessBecause提供的全球頂尖MBA費用分析,從學費、保險費到生活費一起報給你。

  • MBA Secrets提供的85折申請小論文撰寫指南、一對一面試練習、成功論文分享。

  • GMAC提供8周讀書計畫、2022最新官方題庫85折優惠。

All attendees will receive an exclusive B-School Success bundle which includes:

  • MBA.com application guides that provide expert advice for every stage of your journey to business school, from crafting a compelling answer to “Why business school?” to putting together applications that stand out in applicant pools full of qualified candidates

  • Cost of MBA Report by BusinessBecause, breaking down the total cost of the world’s top MBA programs covering MBA tuition fees, living costs, healthcare, and more

  • Telling Your Personal Story Bundle by MBASecrets: Step-by-step foolproof essay writing guide, personal interview with world-renowned admissions consultant, and collection of essays that worked. As an attendee of The MBA Tour, enjoy 15% off!

  • Everyone who attends their scheduled MeetUp(s) will receive a GMAT Accelerator bundle which includes:

  • GMAT 8-Week Study Planner: The goals, tools & tips you need to work towards your b-school goals – in just 8 weeks. From the makers of the official GMAT™ exam.

  • 15% off the GMAT™ Official Guide 2022 e-bundle.

*Offer is limited to residents of Taiwan.

活動流程 Event Schedule

18:00-18:25 Imperial College London: Mastering the MBA Application Process

18:30-22:00 線上展覽: 與面試官、校友、在校生互動 University Hall & Networking Lounge; Live Chat with Admission Directors, Alumni and Current Students

18:30-20:30 小組會談 MeetUps: Small group virtual meetings with university representatives

18:30-18:55 HEC Montréal 說明會: Student Q&A: How an MBA is Key to Building Your Professional Network in a New Country

19:00-19:25 The University of Texas at Austin Presents: 說明會 How Experiential Learning in Austin Can Set You Up for Success Post-MBA

19:30-19:55 Carnegie Mellon University Presents: 說明會 An MBA Talk: Why the Science of Management and the Art of Leadership Matters in an MBA Program

20:00-20:25 University of Virginia Presents: 說明會 An MBA Talk: Preparing Leaders for Uncertain Times - The UVA Darden MBA

20:30-20:55 IESE Business School Presents: 說明會 An MBA Talk: The Distinctive Features of the IESE MBA Program

20:30-20:55 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Presents: 說明會 An MBA Talk

21:00-21:25 University of California, Los Angeles Presents: 說明會 An MBA Talk

21:30-21:55 GMAC Presents: GMAT考試準備 Understanding & Preparing for the GMAT Exam

參展學校名單 List of Schools Participating

2021 The MBA Tour List of Schools Participating 參展商學院名單
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