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1. Briefly describe extra-curricular activities in school, college, university, and/or community. (word limit not specified)

2. Describe a situation, either professional or personal, where you faced a particular difficulty. What was the outcome, what did you learn from the experience

and what would you do differently if faced with a similar situation again? (This essay must be between 500 - 700 words in length)

3. Describe your career aspirations and how you believe an MBA degree from CBS will help you achieve these. (This essay must be between 500 - 700 words in length)

4. Please explain how you intend to support yourself financially while attending the MBA Program. Are you intending to apply for a scholarship or financial aid?(If yes, from which sources?). Applicants from outside Denmark may be required to submit a financial guarantee.


Two recommendations are required. Completed recommendations should be submitted on the CBS templates, only from individuals who are able to assess the applicant's intellectual ability, maturity and motivation. It is recommended that at least one letter comes from a person who can provide an evaluation of your educational strengths, weaknesses and overall abilities.

1. How long have you known the applicant and in what connection? Please comment on the frequency and context of your interaction?

2. If applicable, briefly describe the applicant’s role in your organization?

3. What do you consider the applicant’s talents or strengths?

4. What do you consider the applicant’s weaknesses or developmental needs?

5. In what developmental areas has the applicant changed most over time?

6. What impact has this person had on the organization in which he/she works?

7. What will this individual be doing in ten years? Why?

8. Copenhagen Business School is committed to developing outstanding leaders who can inspire trust and confidence in others. Please comment on the applicant’s behavior (e.g. respect for others, honesty, integrity, accountability for personal behavior) within your organization and in the community.

10. Please feel free to comment on the ratings that you have assigned in number 8 and make additional statements about the applicant’s record, potential, or personal qualities that you believe would be helpful to the Admissions Board in considering this person’s application for the MBA Program.


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