2023 Spring The MBA Tour



時間: 202339日晚上5:00-19:30

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就讀MBA能放眼至更寬廣的國際市場, 優化自己的專業知識及技能, 學習如何更有效率管理工作團隊, 並有機會接觸到經理全球企業的佼佼者, 結識在未來皆有可能成為頂尖人才的同學, 這些都將成為你職業生涯中極寶貴的資源!

面對未來更廣大的國際就業機會, 你準備好了嗎?


The MBA Tour全球巡展台灣場,海外頂尖商學院齊聚一堂,3/9與你線上見。參展學校包括賓大華頓商學院 (Wharton)法國巴黎高等商學院 (HEC Paris)、加拿大約克大學 (York Sh、中國復旦大學、清華大學等十數所世界各地知名商學院!

在家就可以輕鬆參加3月9日的MBA線上教育展,一網打盡所有MBA申請所需的資訊,讓你自信滿滿地展開MBA旅程! 還有機會抽中GMAT考試 USD 250元折價券!

Your One-Stop Shop for MBA Admissions

There’s a business school for everyone. Ready to meet yours and make your MBA dream a reality?

The MBA Tour – East Asia on March 9 is your one stop shop to learn more about different MBA programs and connect one-on-one with admissions representatives from top business schools from around the world.

Meet top business schools from the US, Europe, and Canada all from the comfort of your own home at The MBA Tour East Asia.

This virtual event will allow you to walk away feeling more confident in your business school journey and with the tools you need to stand out on your application.

Leaving a great first impression on an admissions representative can put your foot in the door at your dream school. We make it easy for you at The MBA Tour!

Time: 5 to 7:30 pm, Thursday, March 9, 2023 (Taiwan Time)

Location: Online event

Registration & More Info:http://bit.ly/3EA5RWP