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The application for Fall 2011 will be available in September 2010.

Round 1

Application Deadline: November 15

Decisions notification: February 15

Round 2

Application Deadline: January 15

Decisions notification: April 15

Round 3

Application Deadline: April 1

Decisions notification: June 15

International Applicants should apply in the first or second round of the admission cycle for best consideration to allow sufficient time for issuance of a student visa


Candidates must submit responses to three essays with the online application. Essay one is required. The second and third essays are a choice of three options. The Creativity Challenge is optional.

Required Essay (max. 1,000 words)

1. Discuss your career progression to date. Why do you want to pursue an MBA at this point in your career, and how will

this degree help you to achieve your career goals? In addition, specifically discuss how the Leeds School of Business

MBA program fits with your education interests and career goals.

Short Essay Responses (Choose 2 from the following list – max. 500 words each)

1. Define leadership and describe a time in your career when you have exercised it. Discuss the challenges you faced

and the results you achieved. What characteristics made you an effective leader, and what areas do you feel you need

to develop in order to be a better leader?

2. At times it is our personal failures that result in key learning opportunities that will eventually lead us toward

professional successes. Discuss a significant nonacademic failure or disappointment that you experienced and how it

has impacted your career progression. How did you handle the situation, and what have you learned from it?

3. What accomplishments/characteristics are you most proud of as an individual and a professional? How would you

apply these traits and experiences in the MBA program and how would they influence your contributions to the Leeds


Creativity Challenge (Optional)

Creativity is one of the many factors in the admission process that helps us to select the brightest, most talented and diverse candidates each year. We invite you to submit a creativity challenge as a supplement to your MBA application. If this sample of your creativity is other than a written work, please also include a description of your submission and its relevance to your MBA application. (max. 250 words)

Past submissions have included (but should in no way be limited to) the following:

    • a physical object (such as a design or a piece of art)

    • a business plan

    • a marketing campaign

    • a photo (or series of photos) that depict your creativity

    • an essay that describes you at your most creative

Please note that your submission becomes the property of the Leeds School of Business and cannot be returned for any reason. Do not submit anything perishable (e.g. food or drinks) or that has been worn (e.g. clothing).

Additional Information (Optional)

Provide any additional information or insights into your application that you feel would be useful to the admission committee in evaluating your candidacy.


Two letters of recommendation



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