Texas Christian University




Please discuss the topics listed below. Responses should not exceed approximately 250 words.

1. What are your career goals? Why did you decide to pursue an MBA degree at this point in your career?

2. Peer learning is an integral part of the Neeley experience. As you explore important business issues in classroom

discussion and team projects, you will have the opportunity to learn from students with experience in other industries

and functional areas. What specific contributions will you make to the classroom discussion?

3. Based on your professional experience, describe a situation in which conflict arose due to the competing perspectives

of different components or departments within your organization. How were these divergent perspectives reconciled, or

how do you believe they should have been reconciled?

4. Discuss a situation in which you initiated an action that made a significant impact on an organization.

5. Optional: Is there any additional information that would clarify or enhance the information you have provided in your

application? Or do you have any other information that you would like to bring to the attention to the Graduate

Admissions Committee in support of your application?


Three letters of recommendation



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