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MSc in Accounting and Finance

MSc in Finance and Economics

MSc in Finance


All applicants - please upload a personal statement that describes your academic interests and your purpose and objectives in undertaking graduate study. If you are applying for a Master's or diploma programme this is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the selectors. Please describe your academic background, strengths/interests, ambitions/research interests. If your chosen programme has more than one stream (e.g. MSc Social Research Methods) you should indicate which stream you are interested in following.


1. How is the applicant known to you?

2. How long have you known the applicant?

3. Has the applicant discussed his/her motivation for the proposed programme of study with you?

4. How well do you know the applicant's academic work?

5. If your university does not supply transcripts, please comment specifically on the courses taken by the applicant and the grades attained.

6. What is/was the language of instruction?

7. Relative to other students from the same university and following the same degree programme, please indicate an overall assessment of the applicant's ranking in class; please indicate if the ranking system is formal or informal.

8. In your opinion how well does the applicant's studies to date equip him or her to follow the chosen programme of study at LSE? You might wish to comment on the applicant's: writing skills; analytical skills; presentation skills; quantitative skills (if relevant to programme)

9. To your knowledge does the applicant have any work experience relevant to this application?

10. To your knowledge does the applicant have any other qualifications relevant to this application?

11. Do you have any other comments on this applicant's application to LSE for graduate study?



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