Cornell University: Johnson


2012-2013 Application Dates

Application Deadlines: applications need to be submitted by Midnight Eastern Time.

Decisions: Decisions will appear on the Johnson Application page at Noon Eastern Time.

Deposit Deadlines: Accepted students must submit a $1,500 enrollment deposit by Noon Eastern Time on deposit date for the round. As a policy, we do not offer deposit extensions.

*The Two-Year MBA program requires an additional $1,500 deposit payment on June 1st. The second deposit payment is due on June 1st at Noon Eastern Time.

Scholarships: All application rounds are eligible to apply for scholarship consideration.


Formatting suggestions: 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, single spacing.

1. Career Choice Essay (short- 300 word maximum)

How would you characterize your career since college?

This is not a full job description or complete history of all your jobs since graduating (we already ask for that in the online portion and can see this on your resume). You need to choose the most importa