University of Georgia


Round 1

Application Deadline: October 15

Decisions Released: December 1

Round 2

Application Deadline: December 1

Decisions Released: January 18

Round 3*

Application Deadline: January 18

Decisions Released: March 15

*Final Deadline for International Applications

Round 4**

Application Deadline: March 1

Decisions Released: May 3

** Space-Available Basis Only


Three required essays and one optional essay

1. Tell us about your career vision and why the career path you envision is meaningful to you. (500 words maximum,

please double space.)

2. What is your immediate career goal after completing your MBA? Outline the steps you will take to achieve it. (500

words maximum, please double space.)

3. Write about a time when you had a significant misunderstanding with someone from a different background or culture.

(500 words maximum, please double space.)

4. Optional essay: Is there anything you want to tell us in regard to your application?


Two letters of recommendation



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