Pennsylvania State University (Smeal)




Three essays (limit the essay length to approximately one page and write each essay question into a separate document)

1. Why are you choosing to get an MBA? How do you see a Smeal MBA influencing your future?

2. How do you see Principled Leadership impacting the business world today? Give an example of a time when you

demonstrated Principled Leadership in your career or community.

3. Listed below are the values that embody the Penn State Smeal MBA community.

Penn State Smeal MBA values:

We value how these principles help us develop our future leaders. Please select ONE of the following questions to show

how you embody the Penn State Smeal MBA culture.

(1)“We value each person’s unique contributions to the community”. What is your unique contribution to the Penn State

Smeal MBA community?

(2)“We honor our obligation to each other and to the world in which we live”. What obligation do you have to the world and

how are you planning to make an impact?

(3)“We take risks and reach beyond our perceived limitations”. Describe a time when you took a risk, and

what you learned from the outcome.


Two letters of recommendation



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