Our Services

What We Do Essay PreparationOur service is quite different from the ones offered by education consulting firms on Nan-Yang Street or Essayedge.com. We focus on application essays preparation, which is a daunting part in the application process.The business school application process is an extremely competitive one. Many applicants to the top business schools possess equally competitive GPA and GMAT scores yet relatively few get admitted. The fact is that the application process involves more than mere numbers. The admissions committee (adcom) wants to make sure that you are a good fit for their school and culture. This is where the essay comes in. Think of the business school essays as your portfolio, a descriptive portrait of your life to date. Therefore, the essays are your opportunity to demonstrate to the schools that you are a cut above the rest.

The essays are your first interview—a paper interview. Unlike the face-to-face interview, the essays give you an opportunity to strategize as to how you want to present yourself to the adcom. In the face-to-face interview, you will be asked questions and expected to answer on the spot. The essays, however, give you the opportunity to really think through your answers and develop, define, and frame who you are, what you have done, and ultimately what drives you to excel. For most of the top schools, an invitation to interview is issued only after the school has read your essays. The quality of your essays is your first chance to impart a favorable impression.

So our job is to provide guidance and editing service to help you produce memorable, striking, and effective application essays to gain admissions into your dream schools. So far we've successfully helped students gain admissions into every top American (HBS, Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg, Columbia, Chicago, MIT, etc) and European business school (INSEAD, LBS, etc.)

Consultation Service

Aside from the resume, recommendation letters, and essay writing, another important part of our service entails valuable consultation on the overall process of graduate school application and more importantly, career planning after the master degree.

Here is an overview of our services:

a. School/Program Selection: Choosing schools, assessing your competition, and assessing your fit to a particular school. (If you are not ready for business school, we will also tell you that.)

b. Application Packaging: We’ll help you position yourself, address the weak parts of your application, support your particular positioning for each school/application, and emphasize your uniqueness and differentiate yourself from the rest of the applicants.

c. Career Planning: Help you access your career goals and also offer you a realistic picture of career opportunities in the US, Europe and Asia.

d. Mock-Interview Sessions: The interview is the last hurdle in the long application process. For people who have trouble speaking English fluently or are not used to interacting with Americans, this could be a difficult task. We have a large pool of interview questions asked by the top 50 MBA schools and our experienced counselors will help you fine tune your answers, strengthen your body language, and reduce your accent.

What We Don't Do

The things that we don’t do are the administrative parts of the application process. They may be tedious, but are the easy parts of the application. Here is a list of the things that are not included in our service but are essential steps for completing your application:

- Complete your online application for each school

- Request your TOEFL from ETS & your GMAT from Thomson.

- Request your transcripts from your undergraduate/graduate institution

- Obtain your financial statement from the bank

- Send all supplementary material to schools

- Pay application fees

- Manage the progress and the deadlines for your applications

Although we won't actually DO the things listed above for you, we do have an application checklist and FAQ in this manual that covers everything you need to know about the MBA application. In addition, we will also guide you through the entire application process, which means that we will answer all your questions regarding the process so that you can submit your application in a timely manner.