9 Habits of Successful Business School Graduates

Post date: Sep 6, 2012 4:03:41 AM

Are you thinking about going to business school to earn your master of business administration (MBA)? Most successful professionals in business school exhibit several key traits or habits. Read on to learn about the top nine.

1. They Communicate Well. A successful business school student is not only good at communicating complex ideas in clear language. She also is able to listen to what others have to say and to incorporate the ideas of others into their own. Despite what some might think, a successful student is going to spend not just time talking, but listening, as well.

2. They Are Team Players. It is true that to be a strong business person, you need to be able to lead teams and projects. However, much of the success of business revolves around being able to work well in teams. If you monopolize the time of the group with your own voice, resentments can build. A successful business school graduate is able to work well with others in mutual respect.

3. They Are Leaders. The successful businessperson is going to be able to lead teams of people on projects and initiatives.

4. They Are Disciplined. There are many distractions in the modern world of smartphones, Internet and 24/7 television entertainment. A successful business school graduate is able to focus on her studies and on her work to maximize her chances for success.

5. They Are Practical. There are many people who can memorize business theories and regurgitate them on an exam. This does not mean you are going to be a good business leader! A successful business graduate is able to take what she learns in the classroom and apply it to the real world.

6. They Are Decisive. Much of the education in business school is considered ‘practical’ because it teaches you how to make strong decisions and to follow through on them. You need to be able to collect a lot of information about a business scenario and then make a strong and accurate decision on the available facts – quickly.

7. They Are Professional. A successful business school graduate looks successful. She is going to always dress and present herself well in public – at work, business functions, conferences and seminars.

8. They Are Ethical. The world of business can be highly competitive, even cut throat. This may lead some individuals to ‘cut corners’ and to behave in a less than ethical fashion. A successful business school graduate always behaves honestly and ethically in the classroom and in the workplace.

9. They Are Strong Networkers. A good business school graduate is able to effectively talk to other professionals to gain access to opportunities and decision makers. This ability can help you to find good employment, cinch a business deal, or save your company money on a contract.

As you can see, a successful business school graduate has personal traits and characteristics that can be used all through life to be successful. By focusing on these traits, you can emulate successful business students in anything you do.

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By Joseph Pickett, Published September 4, 2012

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