March 15th


Please complete the following questions on separate pages and attach them to this form.

1. Describe a situation where you failed to achieve an objective, and what you learned from it. (Maximum 500 words)

2. Describe an experience where, working in a team as a member or leader, you successfully managed to deal with a

challenge posed by the diversity of the group. (Maximum 500 words)

Recommendation Questions

1. How long have you known the applicant and in what connection?

2. What special qualities does the applicant possess which leads you to support his/her application?

3. Please address the following components of the candidate’s character. Cite specific examples where possible.

a) Intellectual abilities

b) Administrative skills; ability to manage workload.

c) Ability to work effectively with others.

d) Ability to communicate in English in written and oral forms. Applicants are required to take and defend their points of

view. Do you believe that the applicant has this ability?

e) Leadership potential.

f) Initiative and follow through.