Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific Univeristy


Enrollment: April 2011

Application Period:

1 July, 2010 -1 November, 2010


Two years full time. (Completion in 1.5 years may be possible)


1. completed an undergraduate (bachelor's) degree from an accredited Japanese university.


2. completed a total of sixteen (16) years of formal education by the time of their enrollment at APU. (12 years of primary and secondary education + 4-year bachelor's degree or equivalent at the tertiary level). No specific undergraduate major is required for admission to APU.

3. Applicants should possess at least three years of relevant work experience or its equivalent to have the best chance of gaining acceptance.


Total: 3,600,000 yen (regardless of whether program is completed in 1, 1.5 or 2 years)

A one-time admission fee of 130,000 yen is required upon entering the program.


Personal Statement

Please write a statement explaining why you wish to enroll in Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Graduate School. Your statement should include responses to the following questions. The personal statement should not be longer than two A4 pages of typed/printed text. Please attach it to this application. Please DO NOT hand-write your statement.

(1) What attracted you to the program you choose in particular?

(2) How do you think your experiences to date (both academic and extra-curricular) will help you succeed in the

APU Graduate School?

(3) In what ways do you think you could contribute to APU as a whole?

(4) In what ways do you think the education you will receive at the APU Graduate School will benefit you in the future?

Research Proposal/Study Plan

Please provide an outline of your plans for study in the MBA program. Your outline should include answers to the following:

(1) Your proposed area of specialization and course of study. (please refer to APU brochures, website, etc.

for curriculum and syllabus details)

(2) The relationship between your career to date, current business or work related activities and the proposed

area of specialization.

(3) Management issues and interests you may encounter while pursuing your studies at APU.

The plan should not be longer than two A4 pages of typed/printed text. Please write the topic of your proposal below and then attach your typed proposal to this application.

Study Plan topic:


1. What is your relationship to the applicant and how long have you been acquainted with him/ her?

2. What superior talents or character traits does the applicant possess? What areas do you feel

the applicant needs to concentrate more on?

3. In what way to do you feel that experiences at APU Graduate School will be of benefit to the applicant?

4. Is there anything which you believe may limit the applicant’s chances of success at APU Graduate School and in the future?


Online Application


Application Form



Internal applicants (applicants currently studying at APU or Ritsumeikan University

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Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

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Beppu City

Oita Prefecture

874-8577, JAPAN

Phone: (+81) 0977 78 1119

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e-mail: apugrad@apu.ac.jp

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