Alternative to MBA Programs

MS Progams (non-MBA)

Brown University

Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (PRIME)


Cambridge University- Finance (9 months)


CMU- MSCF (Computational Finance)

CMU- MA Management

CMU- MA in Arts Management (offer 1 year, 2 year track)

CMU-Information Systems Management

(offer 12-month, 16-month, 21-month track)

CMU-MS in Information Security Policy and Management

CMU-MS in Information Technology (Australia campus)

CMU-MA in Public Policy & Management

CMU-MA in Public Management (MPM)

CMU- Master of Entertainment Industry Management (MEIM)

CMU-MS in Health Care Policy and Management (HCPM)

CMU-MS in Biotechnology and Management (MSBTM)

CMU- Master of Medical Management (MMM)


Columbia University- Liberal Studies M.A.

Columbia University-TESOL

Columbia University-MSc in Real Estate Program

Columbia University-Master in Marketing

Columbia University-MSc in Financial Economics


Cornell University- Professional Studies/Applied Statistics

Cornell University-Industrial and Labor Relations

Cornell University- Master of Professional Studies

Cornell University-Program in Real Estate


Dartmouth College- M.A.L.S (Liberal studies)


HEC Montreal- MSc Administration

HEC Paris- MSc in Management

Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins- Master of Science in Finance

Johns Hopkins-Master of Science in Marketing

Johns Hopkins- Master of Business Administration in Organization Development

Johns Hopkins-Master of Science in Information and Telecommunications Systems for Business

Johns Hopkins-Accelerated Master's Program in Real Estate (MSRE)



LBS-Master in Management

LBS Sloan Master in Leadership and Strategy

London School of Economics

LSE- MSc Finance and Economics / MSc Finance and Economics (Research)

LSE-MS Finance, full-time program (10 months)

LSE- MSc Management and Strategy

LSE- MSc Management and Regulation of Risk

LSE-MSc Real Estate Economics and Finance

LSE- MSc Management and Regulation of Risk is an interdisciplinary Master's


MIT-Master of Finance

MIT- Media Arts and Sciences

MIT- Master of Engineering in Logistic

MIT- Master of Science in Real Estate Development

MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation & Global Leadership

(12-24 months)

MIT-Master of Science in Management Studies

(9 months)

Joint Degree

MIT-Leaders for Manufacturing: Dual-Degree Program - MBA & MS Engineering

MIT-System Design and Management Program

(operated jointly by MIT Sloan School of Management and MIT School of Engineering)


NYU-MS in Integrated Marketing (School of Continuing and Professional Studies)

NYU-MA in Educational Communications and Technology

NYU-MSc in Global Finance

(educational joint venture between the HKUST and NYU)

NYU- Master in Global Public Health

NYU- MPA in Health Policy and Management

NYU-MS in Management

NYU-MS in Public Relations and Corporate Communications

NYU-MS in Human Resource Management and Development

NYU-MS in Management and Systems

NYU-MS in Sports Business

NYU-Direct Marketing

NYU-MS in Real Estate

NYU-MS in Construction Management


Northwestern-Master of Engineering Management


(Integrated Marketing Communications)


Oxford-MSc in Financial Economics (MFE)


MSc International Management


Master of Financial Engineering Program


Master of Financial Engineering

University of Michigan

MSc in Financial Engineering

University of Pennsylvania

Master of Liberal Arts

University of Toronto

Master of Finance