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Q. Should I request the on-campus interview?

A. Please see the interview policy of the b-schools' website, though most of the b-schools only offer the interview by invitation. Below are some special requirements of the inteview policy for b-school.

Kellogg: Applicants requesting an off-campus interview will be notified of their assignment by email after Part 1of the Kellogg application has been received by the office of Admissions.

Tuck: Tuck offers all applicants the opportunity to interview on campus in Hanover. Interviews are scheduled online on a first-come, first-served basis and must be completed by the deadline for the round in which you are applying. Please note that all applicant-initiated interviews are conducted on campus only. To schedule an interview, visit the

Visit Us/Interview page of our website.


Anyone who submits Part I of the MBA application may schedule an interview.

We encourage MBA applicants who can travel to Chapel Hill to interview on campus.

If an on-campus visit is not possible, we offer phone interviews to applicants who live outside of the United States or in places far enough away that travel to Chapel Hill is difficult. We also offer interviews with alumni on a limited basis, in certain countries.