Case V

Post date: Apr 20, 2009 9:17:56 AM


My background



undergraduate GPA:3.8

work experience:14 months (military service)

今年預申請的program: msf

12月底我才剛考完AT,接著申請,發現我可以選的學校剩沒幾所好的大概就uiuc,University of Wisconsin - Madison (QMF),GWU, Syracuse University,在現在申請的過程中,教授希望我可以再往前選一些學校,可是受限於我要念的是msf,不是mba, 且好的學校的deadline就算還沒過,我要準備也來不及了(essay),現在正面臨決擇是不是還要再等一年,申請2008年(fall)的MBA, 我有幾個問題想請教前輩們




A. Why don't you start by answering why do you want to study abroad? What aspect of Finance are you interested in?

My personal opinion is that MSF is a waste of time:

Most finance position in Taiwan is a sales position, which requires experience & personal qualities not academic knowledge. How hard is it to understand how stocks, option or bonds work? Hard part is how to make money in the market.

What you learn in a MSF program is largely not applicable in the real world (at least not in Taiwan).

Investment is hard, which is why most people end up in Sales positions anyway.

Much like a great athlete, a great financier is usually born with talent and practice at their craft. Look at the all the great hedge fund managers, traders & investors, they usually are self-taught.

Advice is for you to get some hands-on experience in the financial industry before you study for a MSF or MBA. Figure out if this is really want you want.