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USC IBear vs. USC Marshall

I think if your primary objective is to find a job in the US, the two-year program is a better program for that purpose. However, I do realize that Marshall is a much more difficult program to get into.

Because the IBEAR program is almost entirely international and is small (~60 the last time I checked), I don't think the profile fits US recruiters.

I do believe IBEAR program is good if you are sure you want to have a career in Asia, especially if you have a family business to return to or are interested in leveraging USC's network in Asia, which is impressive. I don't know if you have had a chance to attend USC events in Taiwan, but the few gatherings I have attended, I was impressed by the strength (by this I mean the prominence) of their alumni and how organized they are. I believe USC is one of the few schools that has a full-time alumni office in Taipei.

An alternative to the IBEAR program if your #1 objective is to find a job in the US is to apply to the full-time MBA program at UC Irvine and UC San Diego. I believe they are at about the same level of difficulty in terms of admission. Low to mid 600 GMAT would give you a good shot at admission for these programs.

For those with lower GMATs, high 500's to low 600's, Claremont and Pepperdine are also options in the Southern California area.