Applicants for admission to the Executive MBA program must:

a. Possess a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or an approved institution, or possess

recognized professional qualifications equivalent to a degree;

b. Have at least 10 years of significant full-time work experience after obtaining their bachelor’s degree

or professional qualifications.

c. Have company sponsorship and support.

For applicants who were educated at institutions where the primary language of instruction was not English and whose native language is not English, a satisfactory score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is required.

In addition to an academic background, the candidates should be able to demonstrate that:

    • Their organization sponsor considers they are outstanding and have potential within the organization.

    • They are holding, or will soon hold, positions of executive responsibility that make the program of value in furthering their career.

    • They have both the time and the motivation to make the commitment to attend classes and prepare assignments.


Application Period: Jun 1 - Sept 30, 2009


Position Data

Describe the organizational unit for which you are responsible and relate it to the total organization in terms of size, scope, and autonomy of responsibility. What human resources, budget, and capital investment are you responsible for? To what position(s) do you report? Please enclose a description of your position.


What do you expect to accomplish through this Executive MBA program? What learning experiences do you expect, and how would you apply them? What specific benefits do you anticipate?

Education and Experience

4. Describe any major reports, instructional materials, or manuals that you have prepared or any research, inventions, or other creative work.

5. Please list the business/professional/community organizations in which you are active.

Recommendation Questions

Two reference forms:

Please answer the questions below in as specific and candid a manner as possible, particularly noting maturity, purposefulness, and initiative.

1. How long have you known the applicant? years

2. Under what circumstances have you known the applicant?

3. What do you consider the applicant’s most outstanding talents or characteristics?

4. What are the applicant’s major weaknesses?

5. To what extent does the applicant demonstrate originality and independence in thinking? Where have you observed this?

6. How will graduate education in management help the applicant to realize his or her goals?

7. Please comment on the applicant’s characteristics in the following areas:

8. The Admissions Committee would appreciate any additional statement you may wish to make concerning the applicant’s capacity for graduate work.


The program fees for 2009-2010 is HK$805,000 (US$103,600). Expenses for faculty teaching, books, accommodations and meals for all weekends at HKUST and the two live-in sessions are included. Additional expenses for participants include transportation to HKUST and air travel to Kellogg for the live-in session.

Please note that all payments are non-refundable.

Other information


Tel : (852) 2358-4180

Fax : (852) 2358-1514


EMBA Program Office

Room 6549 Annex Building (Lift 29/30)

Business School

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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