Application Review Start Date

November 2012

Application Deadline

30 April 20123

Application Review End Date

July 2013

*Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and, given the large number of applications, those received much in advance of the deadline (30 April 2013) have a greater chance of being admitted.



- Major subjects studied (254 characters)

- Final thesis (250 characters)

- Study grants, awards, and other recognition earned in educational, cultural or social environments (937 characters)

- Long-term training courses or seminars attended after graduation (at east three months full-time) (937 characters)

- Significant stays abroad (at least three consecutive months) (937 characters)

Professional Data

- Describe your responsibilities and career progress (give example of experiences managing human and financial resources, indicating the level of responsibility) (1578 characters)


Please limit each answer to 1395 characters.

1. Write down, in order of importance, all possible past or present community or cultural responsibilities.

2. What interests and occupations do you pursue in your free time?

3. What do you think you gained from your university studies? Conversely, what important things do you think your studies lacked?

4. Explain the most significant goals you think you have achieved so far and the reasons for their importance in your personal growth.

5. Describe your strong points, personal and professional, explaining why you see them as such.

6. Describe your weak points, personal and professional, explaining why you see them as such.

7. What are the reasons that lead you to apply to the MBA program at this point in your life?

8. What do you hope to get from the program?

9. What other possibilities have you seriously considered, apart from the MBA program, for reaching your goals of personal and professional growth?

10. Have you applied to other business schools in Italy or elsewhere? (Yes or No). If yes, which ones? Why?

11. Where do you wish to pursue your profession after receiving the MBA diploma? (Italy/My home country/Elsewhere) Why?

12. What are your short-term professional goals (within the next four years)?

13. What are your long-term professional goals?

Additional Information

All students must demonstrate the ability to support themselves during the entire program.

Describe how you intend to support yourself during the MBA program. (1395 characters)


Two letters of reference: These letters must be from people who know you well enough professionally and/or academically to supply an exhaustive evaluation of your professional and/or academic performance and provide a detailed evaluation of your qualifications for an MBA.

(Word limit not specified)

1. How long have you known the candidate? In what connection?

2. In your mind, what are the candidate's most revealing qualities?

3. What are the candidate's most significant weaknesses?

4. Do you consider the candidate suitable for admission to a challenging full-time program such as the MBA?

5. Please comment further on your judgements and add any other information you think may be useful.

6. Do you know of any purely emotional factors to be kept in mind regarding the candidate's effective participation in the MBA program? If so, could you give some instances.


SDA Bocconi Masters Division - MBA Admissions Office

Via Balilla, 18

20136 Milan, Italy

Telephone: +39 02 5836.3228/3297/3299