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Q. Should I submit my resume with the requested format by the b-school?

If you are applying to Chicago, please note that special resume guide (attached below) for the school. Just make the necessary modifications for the school.

Q. Should I explain career gaps in my resume?

Generally speaking, a gap of less than 3 months is understandable. If you have a longer employment gap, you can make up for it by showing your participation in community service activities. You want to note that you have been doing something during that period. (Ex: What activities are you participating in? What have you done in the past? What progress have you made?)

Q. Do I need to list any professional certificates, such as CFA or CPA?

Of course.

Q. Why is my resume only one-page long? I have so much information to share! Can’t I add more details?

We highly discourage having a CV that is over one-page long. That’s missing the point of including a CV in an MBA application package. The purpose of a CV is to highlight your career to date and create starting points for the topics you cover in detail in your essay questions. In your CV, it is better to briefly introduce your responsibilities and a couple of your top achievements. However, it works against you to overload the AdCom with too much information in your CV. You want to give the AdCom a reference point, not an autobiography!

Q. Does employment at a foreign company adversely affect my application?

Working at a foreign or local company does not affect your resume. It is what you have done during your tenure in the firm that matters.

Q. What should a resume reflect?

Your resume represents an overview of your career to date. It should include concrete and specific information about your responsibilities and accomplishments and present your skills in teamwork, leadership and taking initiative.

Q. I do have some years of experience, but they are not business or commerce related. Will those experiences bear less advantage?

Any professional experiences are appreciated since they demonstrate and show your abilities and potential in different areas.

Q. Can compulsory military service count as work experience?

It is a good idea to include compulsory military service in your resume since it can demonstrate and illustrate your teamwork skills.