University of Pittsburgh


Round 1

Application Deadline: October 15, 2010

Decisions notification: December 1, 2010

Round 2

Application Deadline: December 1, 2010

Decisions notification: February 1, 2011

Round 3

Application Deadline: February 1*, 2011

Decisions notification: April 1, 2011

* Recommended deadline for international students due to the time required to process visa documents


Three required essays and one optional essay. Personal Statements or autobiographies cannot be substituted for the specific essay question. Essays must be between 750 - 1,000 words, size 12 font and double-spaced.

1. In between 750-1000 words, describe your short-term career goals immediately following the MBA program; describe

the industry and job that you plan to target; explain how your current experience, combined with the Katz MBA degree,

will help to position you for this opportunity.

2. In between 750-1000 words, describe the sequence of events, or personal considerations, that led you to ultimately

come to the decision to apply for an MBA degree, followed by the reasons you chose to apply specifically to the Katz

School at the University of Pittsburgh.

3. In between 750-1000 words, describe a situation where you worked on a project or assignment that you did not enjoy

(perhaps due to the work assigned, the team members with whom you were assigned to work or any other related

circumstance). Describe the general situation, your specific role, your actions and the outcome.

4. Optional: If there is specific background information that has not yet been addressed and should be considered for

your application review, please use this essay to elaborate. If you are not currently employed nor enrolled in an

academic program, please describe fully your present circumstances and include a description of any activities in

which you are involved.


At least two letters of recommendation



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