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For Fall Entry

Round 1: November 15

Round 2: January 15

(Final deadline for all international candidates extended to March 1. All international applicants who are admitted during the March deadline must work closely with the University of Arizona VISA office to ensure timely processing of I-20 paperwork. For quicker processing, it is recommended that students submit a completed Financial Guarantee form by the application deadline.)

Round 3: March 1

Final Deadline: May 1

If you are an international applicant and/or would like to be considered for a scholarship, we encourage you to apply by the first deadline. All international applicants must apply by January 15 to be considered for Fall 2012 admission. Admitted applicants will be invited to participate in the Eller MBA Preview in April 2012, in Tucson, AZ.


Two comprehensive essays (an optional third essay is required for scholarship consideration). Prepare answers to the following essay questions. Please double-space, use 12-point font, and do not exceed 750 words.

1. Please discuss your short-term (immediately following the MBA) and your long-term goals. How will your experience to

date, combined with the Eller MBA help you achieve these goals?

2. You are a VP for business development at a major mining consortium based in the US. You are charged with leading

the company’s efforts to diversify its product-base and gain entrée into new and potentially lucrative international

markets. The company’s largest portfolio of products includes coal and copper, and the board of directors has been

pressing the firm to expand its product line and market share for years. The board and the leadership have targeted a

lucrative opportunity in a volatile south Asian country that possesses the world’s largest reserve of the particular

mineral you need. The country is poor with only 60% literacy and is run by a notoriously corrupt regime. Additionally,

the project poses significant environmental risks to local indigenous tribes. While you don’t want to be the subject of

international protests and you don’t feel comfortable about getting into a contract with this particular regime, you feel

you have little choice and need to find a way to conduct business in the country. Your Corporate Social Responsibility

(CSR) manager has suggested that perhaps this represents an opportunity for your firm to define a different business

model for entering developing markets. How might you consider a new way of approaching this type of venture in light

of the risks and opportunities?

3. Optional Scholarship Essay: Why is the Eller MBA program the right program for you and what will you contribute to

the Class of 2012?


Two letters of recommendation



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