HKU Full-Tim MBA

in partnership with

London Business School & Columbia Business School




1) 9 months in HKU to study core courses with focus on regional and China business.

2) 3 to 4 months full-term studies at London Business School/Columbia Business School with their MBA/EMBA students and participate in other activities that would further integrate our students into the student life at the School.

3) Graduates from this programme will earn a HKU MBA degree, an official certificate and/or transcript from London Business School/Columbia Business School, and alumni status/services by London Business School/Columbia Business School.

4) Not an exchange programme as the entire cohort of students is guaranteed to study at London Business School / Columbia Business School to derive maximum benefits from the London/New York experience in terms of education, exposure, and networking.

5) 14 months intensive course from July through August next year.

Students are expected to attend course(s) or seminar(s) in major business cities in China such as Shanghai and/or Beijing upon their return from London/New York to gain further familiarity with the booming China market.


1. Recognised undergraduate degree

2. Satisfactory GMAT score

3. Minimum TOEFL 550 (paper based)/ 213 (computer based)/ 80 (Internet based) or IELTS band 6.0,

with no subtest lower than 5.5

4. Around three years of full-time work experience (as at July 2010)


The admissions are conducted on a rolling basis. 31st Dec 2010 is the first round deadline.


Please provide below a statement explaining why you are interested in doing this programme, why you are suitable for it and the value of the MBA programme to your future career.


Two reference Letters (The confidential reference forms and self-addressed envelopes should be given to two individuals capable of commenting on your academic and/or administrative capabilities. The envelopes, with seals unbroken and signatures of the referees intact, are to be sent to the HKU MBA Office with your application materials. Your referees may send their reference letters directly to the HKU MBA Office.)

1.How long have you known the applicant and in what context? Please comment on the frequency of your interaction.

2.What are the applicant’s principal strengths?

3.In what areas can the applicant improve?

4.In your opinion, has the applicant given careful consideration to his or her plans for entry into the MBA programme?

5.Please use the following scale to compare the applicant with others* you have known during your professional career.

6.Please comment on the ratings above and feel free to make additional statements concerning the applicant’s accomplishments, managerial potential, and other personal qualities. Attach an additional sheet if necessary.


The application fee is HK$300 (non-refundable).


HK$363,000 payable in three instalments over one year and subject to change and final approval of The University of Hong Kong.



Master of Business Administration Office

Faculty of Business & Economics

Room 733, Meng Wah Complex

The University of Hong Kong

Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong.

Tel: (852) 2859 1021

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