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Darden’s Career General Information

Darden graduates, like many other top 15 schools that are not M7 + NYU, will in my opinion have a tougher time getting into (big name) banking. I don't believe this is necessarily a reflection of the quality of the school or its students, it's simply the fact that Asia's banking spots are fairly limited.

Specifically Taiwan's banking situation:

IBD/IBK (traditional investment banking): spots are limited because there is not much happening in Taiwan

Equity Research: Banks do hire MBAs but they don't participate in on campus recruiting. To find this type of job, it really doesn't matter if you go to Harvard or Wharton or Darden. You need to be available when an opening arises.

S&T: Last summer, I think there were 5-6 Taiwanese (defined as Taiwanese undergrad) working in HK. As far as I know, I think all were M7 + NYU + Cornell.

PWM: Probably the best opportunity for Taiwanese right now. Drawback is most MBA grads aren't ready to settle into this job right after b school.