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Round 1: October 9, 2012

Round 2: January 7, 2013

Round 3: March 4, 2013*

Round 4: April 29, 2013

Round 5: June 1, 2013**

Admission decision by

December 14, 2012

March 8, 2013

May 10, 2013

June 14, 2013

June 30, 2013

*Round 4 is the final deadline for international applicants, but we strongly encourage you to apply by Round 3 to ensure adequate processing time for study permits and loans.

**Round 5 is the final deadline for domestic applicants.


1. Discuss your personal and professional development over the past five years and describe how these changes have led you to choose to do your MBA at this time. What are your career goals and how will a Rotman MBA help you to achieve them? (Please limit your answer to 500 words)

2. One of the Rotman School's underlying principles is the value of one; this reflects the belief that each member of the Rotman community has unique needs and talents. What are your greatest talents and/or abilities and how would each enhance the experience of your classmates? (Please limit your answer to 250 words)

3. Imagine that ten years from now a colleague is describing you to a new employee. What will s/he say about you that you are not known for now? How will you achieve these new skills? (Please limit your answer to 250 words)

4. Describe a professional experience when you did not live up to your full potential. What would you do differently if you had to do it again? (Please limit your answer to 250 words)

5. Additional Information

Is there anything that you think the Admissions Committee should know which you feel has not been covered by the rest of the application? If you believe your credentials and essays represent you fairly, do not feel obligated to answer this question. (word limit not specified)


Two letters, preferably from workplace supervisors.

1. How long have you known the applicant, and in what capacity?

2. Compared with others whom you have worked with in a similar capacity, please rate the applicant on the following criteria. Feel free to explain any of your ratings in your recommendation on a separate sheet of paper.

  • Overall Intellectual ability

  • Oral English Communication Skills

  • Written English Communication Skills

  • Analytical Skills

  • Creativity

  • Organizational Ability

  • teamwork Skills

  • Perseverance

  • Self-Confidence

  • Personal integrity

  • Maturity

  • Dependability

  • Enthusiasm

  • Motivation / initiative

  • Potential for career advancement

3. Of the qualities listed above, in which one or two areas has the applicant distinguished himself/ herself the most? Please cite any specific examples.

4. What would you consider to be the applicant’s primary areas for improvement or growth? What efforts has the applicant made to improve in these areas?

5. Students in the Rotman MBA Program work extensively in teams. Please comment on the applicant’s interpersonal skills and ability to maintain relationships, citing any specific examples.

6. The Rotman School of Management seeks students who will assume leadership positions. Please describe a specific occasion when you observed the applicant’s leadership abilities. How would you describe his/her leadership skills or potential?

7. Overall, what impact has the applicant had on your organization?



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